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The new BMW 4-series convertible overseas real car has a cool and high appearance

2021-08-25 11:02:55 Oriental Information automobile

In BMW 4 After the replacement of the Department , The new car is completely different from BMW 3 The Department has drawn the line , With the blessing of the new family design , The new car has a more exaggerated overall visual feeling , Appearance performance has been greatly improved . recently , We got a new set of BMW 4 The actual drawing of the convertible version , After opening the convertible mechanism , The new car will have a more windy overall visual feeling , After all , If conditions permit , Who doesn't want to own a convertible ? We can see from the picture , The new car will continue to use a new generation of BMW 4 Department design , Front part , The exaggerated double kidney front grille is quite eye-catching , Besides , The headlights on both sides of the front grille are very sharp , The interior adopts a scientific and technological light source layout . Come to the back of the car , The new car will adopt double-sided common double outlet exhaust layout , meanwhile , The rear enclosure will be equipped with a wide black guard , It can further improve the fashion attributes of the vehicle , It is more matched with the positioning of the convertible model . Besides , The new car is also equipped with a sharp rim , The blue sports calipers equipped inside are quite eye-catching . Dynamic part , The new overseas version BMW 4 The convertible version continues to carry 2.0T High power and 3.0T L6 Turbocharged engine . among 3.0T The model is 4WD , The maximum power is respectively 258 Horsepower and 388 horsepower , The peak torque is respectively 400 cattle · Rice and 500 cattle · rice , The transmission is matched 8 Speed automatic transmission .

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