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Tank 600 real vehicle exposure: since it is the "shell change" of Harvard H9, 250000 cases are the most suitable!

2021-08-25 11:03:01 Oriental Information automobile

tanks 600 Close to mass production , Design and adjustment are at the end of the product , This means that in the near future , You can be in dealers and major business circles , See this car .

About tanks 600, There are a lot of things to talk about .

As a new model , tanks 600 Located in a medium and large hardline off-road vehicle , The size and shape design are better than tanks 300 A higher level , In terms of pricing alone , The price should be higher than the tank 300 Higher .

Pricing is a science , How much higher can people accept , How much higher can ensure their own profit space and brand increment space , These are carried out by a professional pricing team .

We can speculate about the tank first 600 The pricing of , From a technical 、 Brand analysis from two perspectives .

So far , tanks 600 It's based on Harvard SUV A medium and large off-road vehicle born under the mature technology reserve , From the current exposure design 、 In terms of size and technical parameters , tanks 600 With Harvard H9 A difficult relationship .

Some people call it Harvard H9 The deluxe version of , You can say so , It's not a big problem .

The technical iteration of hardline off-road vehicles has a very obvious context , For example, the best Toyota in the world , In fact, all the hardline SUVs are based on one LC Chassis of ,LC Derived from Prado 、FJ、 Land patrol 、LX Models such as , These models can be simply called “ Shell car ”.

tanks 600 With the harvard H9 The jacketed relationship , It is possible to be taken seriously after going public in the future , But it doesn't matter , It doesn't affect tanks 600 The ability to fight against the market in the future , As a long-term operation model , The harvard H9 It has outstanding value significance in the history of Chinese off-road vehicles , The quality of 、 Reliability and off-road ability have been recognized by many people .

If the deliberation is good , tanks 600 It's haver H9 Of “ Deluxe edition ”, Then its positioning must be better than Harvard H9 Higher , After all, brand value 、 Marketing costs 、 The production cost of the product is higher , The harvard H9 The current starting price is 20.98 ten thousand , tanks 600 Both with Harvard H9 Open the price gap , And compare it to your own tank 300 Higher .

Positioning too high will inevitably affect market sales , If the positioning is too low, it will form a situation of left-right competition , Probability analysis , tanks 600 The price should be at 25 All around , Most reasonable , High configuration models are priced at 30 All around .

25 Wanmai low configuration ,30 Wanmai medium and high configuration , This is a reasonable price .

Analysis from the technical level , tanks 600 Will equip the Great Wall with new 3.0T dynamic system , At the same time, the material and workmanship will be higher , Of course, it does not rule out that the low configuration model will still be 2.0T The possibility of power system .

Hardline SUVs don't have as much power to talk about as they think , dynamic system 、 4WD system and design concept are the most critical , Land Cruisers also have a history of more than ten years in China , Only LC100 as well as LC200 models , These two models only belong to the shell relationship at the design level .

Talk about tanks 600, Essentially talking about Harvard H9, Relying on a mature quality system , Mature technology architecture , The harvard H9 If you take it in the market 80 branch , So the strengthened tank 600, The score will be in 90.

It's more luxurious , More technology , Bigger and more fashionable , Of course , The price will naturally be higher .

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