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It is expected to appear next autumn, and the spy photos of defender 130 will be exposed

2021-08-25 11:03:06 Oriental Information automobile

As early as this year 3 month , Officials have said that defender ( Parameter picture )130 Will be in 18 Within months , In recent overseas media reports, we see , Defender of land 130 Road test spy photos were taken for the first time . It is reported that , The new car is expected to be in 2022 It will be available before the autumn of .

As shown in the spy photo , Although the test vehicle was covered with black and white camouflage spy photos , But the overall appearance of the new car is very clear , Basically continued 90/110 The design style of this model , The key difference is reflected in the side of the vehicle . It was previously reported that , The estimated length of the new car is 5100mm about , Than 110 The new model has added 342mm, Than Mercedes G Class has been increased 227mm.

other aspects , Although the spy photos did not show the interior information of the new car , However, most designs and configurations are still similar to 90/110 The models are consistent . Besides , Defender of land 130 At most 8 A seat , The price of the entry-level model is expected to be the same as the top version of defender 110 near , The top version will be equipped with a very comprehensive luxury configuration .

About motivation , The new car is expected to use all the powertrain of the model , Including diesel engine 、 Gasoline engine 、 Hybrid engine , as well as 550 Horsepower supercharger V8 The engine . The test vehicle in the spy photo may be equipped with a weak hybrid 3.0 L in-line six cylinder gasoline engine , Its maximum power 268 kw (360 horsepower ).

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