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[how to choose the four Chery tiger 5x superhero cars?]

2021-08-25 11:34:08 Oriental Information automobile

Recently listed Chery tiggo or dingle 5x The superhero version 4 Which model to choose from ? Might as well follow Xiaobian to see .

The new entry-level model is equipped with a reversing image 、 Reversing radar 、 Cruise control 、 One button start 、10.25 Inch central control touch screen and other daily practical configurations , But often driving in congested cities , stop-and-go , Manual gear is still not so convenient .

Sub low configuration vehicle 1.5L-CVT The deluxe version adds an electronic handbrake 、 Rear air outlet, etc , It can realize remote control of engine start / Turn off and air conditioning on / Turn off and other functions . The price of the entry-level model has been increased by 10000 yuan , Just looking at the configuration cost is a little uneconomical , But automatic models are easy to use , It's easy to drive .

1.5T-CVT In terms of configuration, the luxury model has increased... Compared with the second low configuration model LED headlamps 、 The steering wheel 4 Directional regulation 、 Electric folding of exterior rearview mirror 、 Heat up the outer rearview mirror 、 Driving mode selection 、 Electronic shift 、 Four door window one key up and down ( With anti pinch ) Other configuration , The price of the second low configuration model has only increased by 5000 yuan on the basis of the selling price , And equipped with a powerful 1.5T The engine , Can be said to be 4 The most cost-effective choice among these models .

Of course, the top model with an increase of 7000 yuan , Compared with the secondary top configuration, the automatic wiper is added 、 All-liquid crystal instrument 、360 Panoramic images 、 Wireless charging of mobile phone 、 Lane departure warning 、ACC Adaptive cruise 、 Collision warning ahead 、 Driver's seat power switch 6 And the rear central armrest , If the budget is sufficient, it is also a good choice with good cost performance .

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