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The fuel consumption is really not high. After driving 5088 kilometers, the third generation Haval H6 owner said so

2021-08-25 11:40:38 Oriental Information automobile

Let me share with you my car buying experience and my current running 5088 km , The car experience just after the first service . I work in Guangzhou , Zhongshan bought a car .3 I started to go to Guangzhou in January 4S Store to see the real car and test drive , The harvard H6 The third generation 1.5T The landing price of all the quotations at the time of top allocation is 15.8W, The tailgate is not charged yet , your ! later 4 I bought it from an auto trade friend in Zhongshan in July , Although it's the auto trade , But also in Zhongshan 4S Shop order a car , Car inspection is also going to 4S shop . I've been waiting for the car 20 Many days ,1.5T Top configuration , With original electric tailgate , Landing price 14.7W It's all done , Send the chassis to prevent rust , Door mat , Film the whole car , Two pillows , Fire extinguisher , Reflective clothing , Tripod, etc .5 Pick up the car in January , The ex factory date of the car is 4 month ; I was going to buy gray , I saw pictures on the Internet , It feels good , But go to 4S The shop looked at the real car , Not as good as you think , Finally, I chose the black appearance , Black brown interior .

I'm running now 5088 km , Just finished the first maintenance , Zhongshan bought a car , The first insurance is done in Guangzhou , The first warranty is sent by the manufacturer , Free first insurance , You don't have to pay a penny . From the day of collection , I started recording how much I added each time I refueled . At present, a total of 2780 Block oil ,2780 Divide 5088 be equal to 0.54 element , That's the average 0.54 Yuan a kilometer , Press 7 Dollars a liter of oil , Convert the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers 7.8L about , The fuel consumption is really not high . Among them is 1700 About kilometers is a high-speed , The rest are in Guangzhou, commuting every day . As soon as I mentioned the car, I got on the highway and went back to my hometown to get a license plate , one-way 300 Many kilometers , Some people say don't get on the highway two thousand kilometers before the new car , I'll go anyway , The car is also good . During the inspection, the car drove 9 km , There is little oil in the tank . I mentioned the car and went to refuel immediately , added 50.64 l , The fuel tank is 55 Ascending . Fuel consumption is OK , Not very high . Of course, the fuel consumption still depends on the road conditions , stop-and-go , The fuel consumption of many traffic lights is still very high , Sometimes it shows 16. many , Good road conditions , Cruise at a constant speed 80 km , Fuel consumption 5.7 It also often shows .

The top configuration is high , It's also practical , For example, cruise control ,ACC Adaptive cruise , Although I don't fully understand these two functions , It feels like the same function , Anyway, they all go at a constant speed , The car will slow down automatically when encountering , Can brake automatically, stop and follow the car , It will automatically increase and decrease the throttle, increase and decrease the speed , It's practical to take high-speed and good roads , People are not so tired . Satisfied with the rear compartment space, it's ok , The trunk floor can be adjusted downward , The boot space is a little bigger . There's a lot of space in the back row , The floor is flat , There is no bulge .1 Mi Qi's height can easily raise two legs .

Very good driving experience , Better than many cars I've driven , Speed up , Good dynamic response , As soon as the turbine gets involved , Power is coming , Overtaking has confidence . Although it's a double clutch , But I didn't feel a setback , The company has two buses , A Honda geshitu, a Volkswagen Bora , It doesn't even drive my Harvard H6 good . I'll share it with you today , Thank you for watching !

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