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Euler lightning cat perfectly replicates the Porsche Panamera; Harley's first electric bicycle released

2021-08-25 11:40:45 Oriental Information automobile

【 Tech dog 】

recently , Euler lightning cat adds new ice powder diamond model . It is reported that the color matching comes from the creativity put forward by users , Presented by Euler Engineers , Or want to win the favor of more female consumers .

The design style of Euler lightning cat's front face and four door coupe , With Porsche Panamera The same is true , Especially from the side , Very dynamic . It is reported that , The wheelbase of the new car has reached 2800mm, Other dimensional data have not been published , Or it will be a compact car , But it must be a “ enlarge ” The compact .

At present, the power information of lightning cat has not been exposed yet , Officials say that the performance version of the model 0-100km/h Acceleration time will reach 3.5 second . This ice powder diamond lightning cat will open soon 2021 Officially unveiled at Chengdu auto show .

Recently, Harley Davidson officially released its first electric bicycle ——Serial 1, A total of 4 A version , Price range: 3799 dollar -5599 dollar ( renminbi 2.5-3.7 Ten thousand yuan ) Unequal .

It uses a carbon fiber chain , Front with full LED Head lamp , And with Eco、Tour、Sport and Boost Four riding modes plus walking assistance . Besides , The whole car is equipped with LED The light source 、Gates( gates ) Carbon fiber drive belt 、 Removable battery 、 Four piston brake caliper ( Entry MOSH/CTY Double piston calipers ) Other equipment .

this ,Serial 1 A total of 4 A version , They are the... Of the entry-level model MOSH/CTY And advanced RUSH/CTY SPEED. The top speed of the first two can reach 32km/h, The maximum range can reach 168 km .

The latter two use more powerful motors , The top speed can reach 45km/h, The maximum range can reach 185 km , The endurance has surpassed Wuling Hongguang MINI EV.


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