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Yamaha vixion r releases shell changing streetcar with update yzf-r15

2021-08-25 11:48:13 Oriental Information automobile

Yamaha launched in Indonesia ,YZF-R15 A streetcar version of , With the same engine VIXION R. Yesterday Yamaha released VIXION R New colors for , The price is 31,880,000 Rupiah ( Renminbi conversion 1.43 Ten thousand yuan or so ).

This blue one VIXION R, It's Yamaha R15, Remove the big enclosure , Changed the handlebars and headlights , If you remove these streetcar design elements , You can't tell if this car is related to R15 The difference between .

In terms of configuration VIXION R It's basically the same as R15 bring into correspondence with , In addition to being equipped with slip clutches and Deltabox Outside the frame , It is also equipped with an aluminum alloy rear rocker arm , Does this gull wing rear rocker look quite sensational . The same LCD meter has also been retained , It's just R15 Inverted front fork on , Instead of the traditional upright , The seat height is also higher than YZF-R15 It's low 20mm.

motivation , carrying R15 With the money ,155cc Displacement single cylinder water-cooled engine , Same use VVA technology , Maximum horsepower 19.3hp/10,000rpm, Maximum torque 14.7Nm/8,500rpm, Body only 131kg.

In southeast Asia , High end small displacement models are quite popular , This specification 150 models , Very rare in China . But let's not think about it , Small displacement imported models like this , If it is introduced in the form of pure import , The price will be outrageous .

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