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After the Weilai incident, the ideal is no longer "advanced" and Xiaopeng is no longer "automatic"

2021-08-25 11:55:36 Oriental Information automobile

8 month 14 Friday night , Lin Wenqin, founder of meiyihao brand management company, drives Weilai ES8 The news that the car died in an accident triggered a heated debate in the car circle , The outside world is concerned with “ Whether car companies over publicize assisted driving ” Have a heated discussion . After the event , Media discovery , At present, both ideal car and Xiaopeng car have modified the description of auxiliary driving system on the official website . From the official website of ideal car , The ideal vehicle assisted driving system is called “ Ideal AD Assisted driving system ”, Previously “ Ideal AD Advanced assisted driving system ”, That is deleted. “ senior ” Two words .

Although it's removed “ senior ” Two words , But there are also careful netizens for “AD” There are still some questions about these two English letters . Some netizens think that “AD” yes Auto Drive( Autopilot ) Abbreviation , Some netizens think it can be Assist Drive( Auxiliary driving ), It can also be Advanced( senior ). in the light of “AD” What exactly is it , The ideal car didn't give a detailed description . One netizen said ,“AD Of A yes automatic、autonomous still advanced? The right of interpretation belongs to the ideal ”.

In addition to the ideal car , Xiaopeng car also “ quietly ” Changed the name of his assisted driving system . I learned from Xiaopeng Auto's official website , Xiaopeng's description of the auxiliary driving system is “XPILOT 3.5 Intelligent assisted driving system ”, Previously “XPILOT 3.5 Automatic driving assistance system ”, the “ Automatically ” Changed to “ intelligence ”. however , Through search engines , Xiaopeng's previous publicity on auxiliary driving is also misleading .

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