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The old market of new Tiguan L: consumers have changed, and so has the public

2021-08-25 11:55:39 Oriental Information automobile

11 year 240 Million user groups , View of path ( Parameter picture ) The popularity of the series , It has been written into the car market Textbook , It has become a classic case .

Not at all SUV The mass of pioneers , But through a city SUV Push this market to a new height , For a long time , Tiguan is a benchmark SUV The representative of the .

Even now SUV More choices in the car market , At the same time, new benchmark iteration rises , But Tiguan series models are in the hearts of many people , Still a myth .

2020 year , medium SUV Market segment sales ranking , The path after full evolution L Still as a leader , Rush into the market , Left his opponent behind .

data display , It takes the whole year 17.8 New car sales of 10000 units , Completed market segmentation TOP1 The growth of .

View of path L It is a heavy modified model after Tiguan , With better design concept and larger size , For burnout, the Tiguan tradition 、 For Chinese consumers with the golden mean design concept , More lines 、 The way of designing fashion sense L It's easier to get closer to young consumers .

What the public needs to do , Is to make yourself younger , Let those 90 After and 95 Post user group , Get in the car quickly , Complete brand transformation and butterfly transformation .

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