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My wife wanted to buy Changan cs75 plus, my father-in-law was optimistic about Haval H6, and I bought another model

2021-08-25 11:56:14 Oriental Information automobile

Since we had a baby at home at the beginning of the year , My father-in-law and mother-in-law came to Shandong from Shanghai , Take care of the baby together . And when traveling in groups , Ford fox at home before , In terms of space , It seems to be stretched out , I feel very depressed . In order to better ensure the convenience of family Travel . So some time ago , We began to discuss the purchase of another car . The budget is 15 All around , I want to buy one with more space SUV models . I first passed my father-in-law 、 The negotiation between my wife and me , I think the current domestic cars , The quality is very reliable , The cost performance is also very impressive . meanwhile , Compared with the joint venture model , Not only is it cheap , And power 、 Space and configuration , Will have a stronger sense of superiority .

​ However , Although all agree that domestic cars , But in terms of car selection , But there are different opinions . My wife insisted on buying Chang'an CS75 Plus, My father-in-law is optimistic about the third generation of Harvard H6. And I'm not too cold about these two models . because , I also have another model I like in my heart . Because its overall advantages will be more comprehensive . This model is the... Of GAC motor GS4 Plus, One with Harvard H6 And Chang'an CS75 Plus Compact class at the same level SUV. Price range: :12.68-14.98 Ten thousand yuan . Two of them 2.0T Version of , The guidance prices are :14.28 and 14.98 Ten thousand yuan . The reason why I chose this model behind my wife and father-in-law's back , Overall, , I think its advantages are more comprehensive .

First , For his wife's favorite Chang'an CS75 Plus. Have to admit , It's really excellent on the whole . Especially in appearance , Not only young 、 motion , But also very radical and avant-garde , It looks very energetic , It's the type that many young people like . meanwhile , On the basis of enough space ,15 About ten thousand yuan , You can buy it 2.0T High configuration version of . Not only is the configuration extremely rich , And the power is quite strong ,8.6 Zero hundred second acceleration , For a family car , It has been awesome. . But in my opinion , For its shape design , But I always feel a lack of masculinity . And the space and power seem not ideal .

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