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The fuel consumption is really low when driving 5000 kilometers in February, said the owner of song plus dm-i

2021-08-25 11:56:19 Oriental Information automobile

Lift car 2 Months , opened 5000 km , Let's talk about the fuel consumption that we are most concerned about , When I first got the new car , The taste is relatively large , So I open all the windows when I drive , And turn on the air conditioner to the maximum , Open and maintain this state. Open 6 Days or so , I've been driving downtown all this time , In addition, the roads in the urban area are relatively blocked , Stop and go , So the fuel consumption these days is about 7.1L about .

Then drive normally , When driving downtown , Almost all use pure electricity , Urban areas are rarely useful HEV Pattern , In addition, there is a charging place downstairs , Once the vehicle is more than half charged , I can charge , So urban fuel consumption , I don't know exactly how much , But I think some of the riders have fed back this problem , Urban driving , The fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is about in 5.2-5.6 Between , How much fuel consumption , It also depends on whether your driving habits are profiteering , But most of them are fuel consumption in this range .

The fuel consumption on the high-speed is relatively low , Once from Longgang, Shenzhen , Drive to Yangjiang City , Probably 320 km , Probably used 10.4L Consumption of , If you convert it like this , It should be the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers 3.25L, Fuel consumption is really low , This is the fuel consumption on the highway , The entire 110km/h Speed on , It uses HEV Pattern , Open the ACC Adaptive cruise system , It's relatively fuel-efficient , According to the riders of Che Youqun , Speed hold 90km/h, Quite fuel-efficient , But I haven't tried , I think buying a car also cares about fuel consumption , Let's just go by car .

In terms of power, you may not experience the power in the urban area , You don't know until you get on the highway , The speed of the car 90 When , Turn on the adaptive cruise system , Constant speed 110km The speed of , The speed came up at once , And it has an obvious feeling of pushing back , I feel very powerful , No better than 2.0T The fuel car is poor . In space , The song dynasty PLUS DM-i The size of the car body is relatively large , I think the space is very good , Spacious back row , Only the boot feels small , It should be sacrificing the space of the trunk , In exchange for the space in the car . Overall speaking , It's enough to deal with some daily things , If you come home during the Chinese New Year , Maybe the trunk is not enough . summary : No one is perfect , The car without the car , Generally speaking, for song PLUS DM-i Still very satisfied .

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