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Whole job? Interior dual screen with "spherical" shift lever! Genesys gv60 official map release

2021-08-25 11:56:23 Oriental Information automobile

recently , Gennisseth, a luxury brand of Hyundai Motor Group, has released a group of new car official maps , It is understood that the new car is based on modern E-GMP A pure electric vehicle built on a pure electric platform . in fact , Janice Seth passed on earlier G80 The first pure tram of the brand was released after the transformation , but “ Oil to electricity ” Consumers can't agree that it is a pure electric vehicle in the real sense .

therefore , After the birth of modern IONIQ 5 And Kia EV6 Rear of both models ,E-GMP The pure electric platform has welcomed the latest settled members —— Janice Seth GV60. Official expression ,GV60 It is based on the special platform for electric vehicles of Hyundai Motor Group E-GMP New cars developed , It marks the beginning of the Denise electric vehicle lineup . It is not difficult to see from the naming , The positioning of new cars is lower than those already released and listed GV70、GV80 models , It will be a pure electric compact SUV Attack market segments . Combined with the official chart, we can see , The new car adopts a clam design in the front face , The front hood extends downward , The formation is similar to “ Li Dun ” Style , Both sides are also equipped with classic split headlamp groups , Add grid shaped grille and black decorative strips on both sides , The whole shows a more dynamic modeling style .

The side of the car body adopts the sliding back modeling design , The outline of the window was blackened , So as to create a suspended visual effect . in addition , In the details of the car body, we can also see that the idea of Denise gives this new car more application scenarios , Including wheel eyebrows 、 Details such as the lower edge of the door shall be covered with unpainted materials , Further enhance its cross-border product attributes .

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