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Hechuang z03 opens a large setting: from a minimum of 130000 yuan, install charging piles free of charge

2021-08-25 11:56:27 Oriental Information automobile

8 month 20 Japan , Beijing , Co creation “ Solo ” The first new model in the future ——Z03 Fully open the big set and announce the approximate range of the official guide price . according to the understanding of , The new car has launched three models , They are the trend version ( The five seat )、 Chaozhi version ( The five seat ) and Z Tide Edition ( Four seats ), The price of the trendy version is 13-14 Ten thousand yuan between , The price of Chaozhi version is 14-15 Ten thousand yuan between ,Z The price information of the trendy version has not been released yet .

From the product information , The new car is positioned as a compact pure electric vehicle SUV, The wheelbase to 2750mm, The car length reaches 4602mm, add 1900mm Width , Its four seater model will have quite good space performance . Of course , As a pure electric SUV, Its range is also at the mainstream level . Star yard learned ,Z03 The trendy and smart versions will use lithium iron phosphate batteries ,NEDC The endurance reaches 500km, and Z The trendy version will use ternary lithium battery ,NEDC With a range of 600km.

In the configuration of Intelligent Technology ,Z03 It also has certain characteristics . The cabin is equipped with 10.25 Inch digital instrument cluster +14.6 Inch 2K High resolution HD central control touch screen , It has rich application Ecology , And bonjovi (Bongiovi) Our professional tuning system can also bring users excellent audio-visual and interactive experience . It is worth mentioning that , New car carrying HYCAN PILOT 2.0 Intelligent driving assistance system , The user can realize... Through voice instructions ADAS function , The voice control function coverage of the whole vehicle is as high as 99%.

Even though Z03 The outline is thick , But the sharp lines still show , The new car has good power performance . According to introducing , New car carrying “ Four in one ” Electric drive , The drive motor is realized 、 Motor controller 、 retarder 、 High integration of power distribution modules ,Z Trendy models can output 160kW Maximum power of ,0-100km/h Speed up only 7.1 second .

At the upcoming Chengdu auto show , Co creation Z03 Will also announce Z The pre selling price range of trendy models , This will further enhance users' expectations for new cars . however , In the domestic new energy vehicle market , Pure electric at the same price SUV There are many choices , Co creation Z03 We also need to show more features in after-sales and service , To get into the mainstream 、 The possibility of becoming a hot money .

source : Star car yard

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