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Which is the most cost-effective 2.0T power plus Geely Xingrui? Recommended noble type

2021-08-25 12:16:52 Oriental Information automobile

At present, which compact car is the most competitive among independent brands ? I believe many people's answer is auspicious Xingrui . It has the size and power of a medium-sized car , The appearance and configuration performance are also excellent enough , It's really competitive . At present, Xingrui has provided 7 Models available , The official price range is 11.37 Ten thousand yuan -14.97 Ten thousand yuan . So in the whole department 7 In the model , Which one do we choose best ? Today, the author will give you an analysis .

Shape aspects , The new car adopts Geely family design style , The front face straight waterfall air inlet grille is blackened inside , The trim strips around the grille are also blackened , Better visual impact . The shape of the headlight set is consistent with that of the ordinary model , In house LED The light source , The daytime running light is of segmented pulse design .

The lower surrounding part is still a three-stage design style , The interior is decorated with black trim panels , The cooling holes on both sides also create a wind blade shape , Very sporty .

Side modeling , Chrome plated strips are added around the window and the exterior rear-view mirror for decoration , Effectively increase the sense of grade . The rear half of the body has a slightly sliding back style , The roof is also painted black , Very sporty performance .

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