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Who would have thought that Lin Zhixuan would be the first one to overturn in "brothers through thorns"?

2021-08-25 12:25:38 Tencent Entertainment

《 Brothers who cut through thorns and thorns 》 On premiere , Veteran singer Lin Zhixuan's “ treatment ” Very high , The appearance is like the tranquility of the first season and the Na Ying of the second season , It triggered waves of praise from my brother .

At the opening stage, he won the first prize in votes , The strong praise of the brothers and the strong audience make Lin Zhixuan sit firmly “ The elder brother ” status , With strong appeal , He also completed his plan to select artists to form a team .

The audience instantly GET To “ a myriad of stars surround the moon ” And “ Choose a concubine ” A sense of familiarity , Speaking frankly has a taste of peace .

However , The second premiere has not yet arrived , Lin Zhixuan went on “ Rollover ”.

First, he had a creative concept conflict with the team members , Two dancers want to play singing and dancing , But Lin Zhixuan wants them to focus on dancing , Stage director Kenn Interpreted as pure dancing between two people, he also agreed .

The reason is straightforward , He wants every player to play his best 、 Attend to each one's own duties .

This concept can be understood , But Li Xiang 、 Liu Jia and others hope to challenge new fields , Lin Zhixuan, who continued to refuse their demands, was attacked , Most netizens think Lin Zhixuan is too overbearing .

Then Zhao Wenzhuo, who lives with him, wants to change his dormitory , In the replay, he once said that he didn't turn on the air conditioner in his dormitory 、 Lin Zhixuan thought that blowing air conditioner would dry his voice , The audience suspected that he changed his dormitory because Lin didn't get out of the air conditioner .

“ bullying ” People set up further , Lin Zhixuan's online reputation collapsed directly , Regarding this , Lin Zhixuan himself quickly appeared and explained , I don't turn on the air conditioner because Zhao Wenzhuo thinks it's healthy , He is listening to each other's opinions .

As for netizens questioning him “ Don't let Li Xiang sing ” the , Lin Zhixuan explained that what several people discussed at that time was not whether to sing or not , The two dancers have participles , It means that the conversation of several people is edited .

But this response is not very convincing netizens , Because in the camera kenn Once confirmed to him that Li Xiang and Liu Jia were “ Pure dance ”, When Li Xiang went back to the dormitory and complained to others , So are those who are dissatisfied “ Pure dance ”.

This is different from what Lin Zhixuan said “ Participle ” There's a lot of conflict , It is more likely that Li Xiang readjusted the participle after he raised his dissatisfaction , Lin Zhixuan mixed up the word segmentation time , So Lin Zhixuan also deleted this reply .

Whether or not the disputes within the team have been edited , Lin Zhixuan once wanted his two brothers to dance. I think they didn't run away , however ,“ Don't let Zhao Wenzhuo turn on the air conditioner ” Accusation , There is an amplified component .

They actually have a good relationship , Lin also joined Zhao Wenzhuo's team when he was three years old , The reason Zhao Wenzhuo gave when changing rooms was to regroup , So I found my teammate Haiquan one after another 、 Liu Cong asks if there is a bed .

Not turning on the air conditioner was mentioned when he talked to his teammates about the different characteristics of each dormitory in another time period , At that time, he did not express dissatisfaction with not turning on the air conditioner , It's just a special place in the room .

Their response to not turning on the air conditioner was also interesting , Lin Zhixuan did not deny that “ Blowing the air conditioner will dry your throat ”, Zhao Wenzhuo did not deny that “ Do not blow to keep healthy ”, Obviously, that's what they said .

It's more like when they first lived together, they casually said the benefits of not turning on the air conditioner , But because I'm not familiar with it , Be regarded as each other “ Taboos of the other party ” Write it down , So they all have an understanding that the other party doesn't want to open .

Lin Zhixuan is really at a loss for being scolded for such harmless little details of life , The audience familiar with the routine of the program group also lamented that Lin Zhixuan had taken it “ LAN yingying ”, He was held high by the program group and brought it quickly “ Sacrifice to heaven ”.

The editing routine is really deep , But the program team should not have taken Lin Zhixuan at first “ Sacrifice to heaven ” The intent of the , Instead, he ordered a very popular one “ Perfectionist artist ” persona .

In the first issue, the scenes about Lin Zhixuan are all yearning for art , Obsession with the best sound generation time , And other team members continue to praise , Indeed “ The elder brother ” I'll take care of it .

But this one “ persona ” Lin Zhixuan obviously can't control it , Zhao Wenzhuo 、 Chen Xiaochun's film and television feelings , Huang Guanzhong's position in the music world , It's doomed that Lin Zhixuan can't get such peace 、 That English “ Faults ” Coffee .

This led the program team to praise him more and more , The more the audience feels unconvincing , This creates a backlash . and , To participate in 《 Brothers who cut through thorns and thorns 》 This variety show , For Lin Zhixuan , It's also Short self exposure .

The conflict between artistic concept and program characteristics

Lin Zhixuan suggested that dancers specialize in the idea of dancing , It's not just after forming a team , It's the idea he had since he appeared on the show , I always emphasize what I want “ The beauty of having a plan in mind ”.

Simply speaking , Is to do professional things with professional people , But his ideal partner , But they are all top artists different from their fields of expertise : Musicians 、 Funk singer 、 Dancer .

He also asked pianists Li Yundi and Li Xiang to form a team freely 、 Liu Jia two dancers , If this is a band game , That's basically no problem , Lead singer + The top score and accompanying dance are all alive .

In the same band , Members will not be disappointed that the lead singer is better than themselves , After all, everyone's expertise and preferences are different , but 《 Brothers who cut through thorns and thorns 》 The main concept is men's team event .

Besides Lin Zhixuan , Almost all the other brothers came for the men's team or the idea of trying the men's team style , Especially non singing artists , Basically, there is a dream of singing and dancing .

Actor Yin Zheng was excited when he mentioned singing and dancing , If you tell him he can only act , It is estimated that Yin Zhenghui wronged Cheng Shang's boss , Li Xiang also said at the beginning that he came to this program to sing and dance openly .

Even Li Yundi, who looks the most Buddhist in Lin Zhixuan's team , In fact, he is also silently expressing his intention to sing , In a performance with lyrics , The soundtrack and dancers are too easy to be background .

In this case , Let three top experts in other fields repeat what they are good at , Give up what you want to try , It is not so fair to them , It doesn't match the appeal of this program .

Obviously , Lin Zhixuan took this program for granted , I didn't think it was a men's troupe variety show , And the program group is too gentle to the guests , He didn't deny his ideas in time .

This led to his incompatible painting style , Objective to , Li Xiang insists that pure dancing is a good thing for Lin Zhixuan , If the final stage really makes Lin Zhixuan stand alone , He'll be scolded worse .

“ Paternal line ” The conflict between thinking and young people's ideas

Make complaints about the sound of a crowd , Some people lament that Li Xiang is the opposite “ Dad Weida ”, Because of Lin Zhixuan's words to persuade the team members , Too perfectionism , It also has a sense of generation gap , Li Xiang's “ Parents are good for you ” The summary is quite in place .

This does not prove that Lin Zhixuan himself is selfish , But the elders like you too much to put you in the most appropriate position 、 Let you give full play to your greatest advantages to choose their growth path for your children , The intention is good .

just as 《 You are my glory 》 Yu Tu's parents forced his son to give up his Aerospace dream and study finance , It's not that they don't love their son , But like Lin Zhixuan , Too much for “ The beauty of having a plan in mind ” 了 .

So when Li Xiang practiced the lyrics silently , Lin Zhixuan's first reaction was not to encourage him to continue his efforts , But with their own understanding of the lyrics “ Fight against education ”, Let him recognize his shortcomings .

He is like many parents , I think walking is the best 、 The road with the highest success rate is the most correct , Young people prefer to follow the path they like , Even if you fall to pieces , At least I tried it myself 、 Worked hard .

This makes Lin Zhixuan's paternal thinking difficult to be recognized by young audiences , And then affected his audience , and , In a men's team , If the way of thinking is too paternal , It is also prone to conflict .

With a crowd 8090 And the cooperation of peers with personality , If Lin Zhixuan doesn't change his way of thinking , In the future, he will become the focus of the topic more frequently .

“ take seriously ” Personality is not conducive to dilute disputes

If the show's performance and behind the scenes editing make complaints about Terry Lin's first round of Tucao , How did Lin Zhixuan deal with the dispute outside the program , Is to add a handful of oil to the anger of netizens .

He responded too much “ take seriously ” details , Only explain the reason why you can't turn on the air conditioner , He edited it six times before and after , The main focus is not on their own pot , Strive to achieve a perfect response , But the effect is quite imperfect .

Because he put the blame on Zhao Wenzhuo , And suspected of implying that the other party lied , When Zhao Wenzhuo road is very popular , Such a response will only get you into trouble “ Green tea ” controversy .

If there is no gap , I saw my roommate say something he thought was untrue , Why not respond after asking in private ? If there is a gap , Just tear it .

If the two brothers communicate in advance to clarify the misunderstanding , At the same time, issue a document to explain , The attack point of netizens will soon turn to the clip , Results Lin Zhixuan “ take seriously ” Reasons for not turning off the air conditioner , I got myself in .

The same thing happened to him before ,2019 Hu Xia in 《 Running man 》 Sang Lin Zhixuan's 《 Phoenix flower road 》, Many viewers feel good and go to the music platform to find the original song , Then sigh that Hu Xia version is better .

This makes Lin Zhixuan's fans quite dissatisfied , Specially opened an anti black post to hang netizens' comments , The original fans to tear the variety show passers-by has made a mountain out of a molehill , As a result, Lin Zhixuan himself also forwarded a response .

He raised the subject again to LIVE On audio version and audio version , Maybe this is the truth of musicians , But for non professionals , It's hard not to doubt that he is singing well and that his younger generation depends on practice .

just as 《 Brothers who cut through thorns and thorns 》 Zhonglin Zhixuan has repeatedly stressed the need to fully open the wheat from beginning to end , The pursuit is worth praising , It's too deliberately emphasized , He looked proud .

Lin Zhixuan is more suitable 《 singer 》 A variety of pure singing , It will be charming to give full play to what you are good at ,, But it involves too many personal private States and views , The conflict came out .

however , With Lin Zhixuan's popularity and the frequency of his cooperation with mango , The program team shouldn't dare let him keep taking it “ LAN Yingying script ”, As long as Lin Zhixuan is willing to change , Word of mouth Jedi counter attack still has hope .

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