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Jizhi pure electric design concept, 2021 new dynamic version er6 experience (I)

2021-08-25 12:32:28 Oriental Information automobile

R The car currently has ER6 and MARVEL R Two models , Apart from the test drive experience, it was very good MARVEL R outside , There's another one ER6 It's also worth experiencing .

models :R automobile ER6 2021 paragraph New version 620km The selling price of Zhixiang version :17.58 10000 Yuan intelligent driving level :L2+( With beauty SAE International( International Association of Automotive Engineers ) Grading criteria ) Intelligent interconnection configuration : Zebra Venus custom system intelligent driving configuration :R Pilot The driver assistance system acts as a R The first model of the car family ,ER6 Your attention is not low . 2021 year 6 month 21 Japan ,ER6 Usher in the change . After the change, there are still three models , Price :16.28 Ten thousand yuan -20.08 Ten thousand yuan . This time I share the Chinese version .

ER6 The whole vehicle design comes from “ Ji Zhi ” Pure electric design concept , The front of the vehicle adopts parameterized active air intake system . Color matching ,2021 I still have “ Yuguang Silver ”、“ Pearly white ”、“ Silver leaf gold ” and “ Cosmic light black ” Four body colors . Besides , After the change, the Black Knight suit was added , Increased sense of movement .

At the light pack level , The whole system is equipped with matrix LED headlight , With automatic headlight and height adjustable function . The headlight performs well in terms of function and configuration .

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