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You who are suitable for business and living, have a successful career and want "three children", don't you think about it?

2021-08-25 12:32:36 Oriental Information automobile

With “ Triple entry method ”, Ordinary five seat models can no longer meet the travel needs of three child families in the future , And the seven on the market MPV There is little choice of models , More inclined to the business market . roewe iMAX8 It well combines the common points of the two markets . A suitable for IKEA MPV models , It must be the future MPV The main tone of the market .

In recent days, ,SAIC Rongwei's medium and large enterprises MPV ——2022 roewe iMAX8 Officially listed , A total of 4 New models , Price range: 18.88-25.38 Ten thousand yuan .

As a new era MPV models , This car is not only different from traditional MPV Different models , The latter is too polarized , Or commercial , Or at home , And Rongwei iMAX8 It takes into account the different needs of the two markets .

The appearance design of the new car is very publicized . The design of the big mouth is integrated with the headlamp groups on both sides , With the top through LED Match the light strip . The overall visual impact is very strong , It's very natural. .

The new car has also added “ Ji Fenglan ” Body color , Make it look younger . Even if you are 90 After the novice parents , This car can also completely set off your temperament . The side of the body is square , Very dignified MPV style , Sliding doors on both sides adopt hidden slide rail design , A strong sense of wholeness .

The second and third rows use privacy glass , This is the Chinese people's favorite configuration . The shape of the rear of the car is more in line with the public's Aesthetics , There are not many complex elements , It looks full . The interior design is also consistent with the old model . Wing shaped center console design and rich horizontal lines outline the surrounding visual effect . Suspended central control screen 、 All LCD instruments and other fashionable configurations are not backward . The new car has added a second row of folding tables , Also aim at “ Magic bar ” optimized , A new two-layer reservoir grid is added . New car carrying SAIC Blue core 400TGI 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 234 horsepower , Maximum torque 360 Cattle meters . Transmission in , matching 8 Speed automatic transmission .

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