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The answers to the word-of-mouth rollover of Chinese restaurant 5 are all in the plus version. The program team gives too much quiet face

2021-08-25 12:41:28 Tencent Entertainment

If you want to say which variety show is the most popular , It must be 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 了 .

From Zhao Wei 、 Su yupeng 、 Hsu Chi , Then Yang Zi 、 Juen-Kai Wang , And Zhao Liying 、 Li haofei .

This program can definitely be called a luxurious guest lineup .

Of course , Just mention 《 Chinese Restaurant 》, That must be mentioned is Huang Xiaoming .

From season 1 to season 5 now , Huang Xiaoming is just like a sea god needle .

It can even be said that in the eyes of the audience , Without Huang Xiaoming, it would not be 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 了 .

It is precisely because of Huang Xiaoming , This variety show can be very popular after being broadcast every season .

Now season 5 is on , Huang Xiaoming is still the store manager , But this time the partner has changed .

Zhou also 、 Yao An Na 、 Ding Zhen 、 quiet , And the first stop “ Special flying guests ” Gong Jun .

Tell the truth , This season's lineup can still be used “ luxury ” Two words to describe .

However , Now this season's program has been broadcast four times , The public praise of the audience is not very good .

in general , When the first episode was just aired, the ratings and heat were still good .

After all, this program has the brilliance of the previous four seasons , I have gained a lot of hard core fans .

With a regular fan base of the program , Plus the popularity bonus brought by these traffic stars , The audience rating of the premiere should really be high .

For any variety show , As long as the guest lineup is strong enough , The ratings of the premiere are guaranteed .

But if you want to keep the heat going , Then you need to see the content .

After watching four programs , I believe many viewers can't help but want to make complaints about it .

Because the content of this season is really not very good , You can even say it's not good-looking .

If you want to say that the program is not good-looking, who is the most embarrassed , That should be quiet !

I believe everyone can remember what tranquility said at the beginning .

She said there was a bad season before , I hope the program will be good after I come .

That's the sentence , Many netizens are not optimistic about tranquility .

Because the audience can see whether the previous four seasons are good or not .

And then again , Quiet, who is this pulling on ?

Although she didn't say , But I really want to say , Is it right to step on someone ?

After four episodes , I believe the most humiliating thing is tranquility !

So here comes the question , The guest lineup of season 5 can , Environment also line , Why is it just not good-looking ?

《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 The answer to word-of-mouth rollover lies in plus Version of the , The program team gives too much quiet face .

In the latest fourth program , Everyone closed early .

I feel a little tired when I wash the dishes .

When everyone talks about whether to participate in the next season , Quiet repeatedly said that she was too tired , Not again .

Say a bad word , Are you really tired this season ?

For those who haven't seen the previous four seasons , It's really tired .

In our knowledge , Stars are those who don't touch the spring water , This job has made fans very distressed .

however , As long as the audience who has seen the previous four seasons knows , This season is just enjoying life .

This kind of workload , I'm really tired of cooking a new year's Eve dinner at home before the Chinese New Year .

For this point , Huang Xiaoming is in plus The version has made it very clear .

Recall the work intensity of the previous season , Huang Xiaoming said such a sentence “ We took a few days off to work for three days , We work for several days to take a day off .

Huang Xiaoming's words are well understood by the audience , Because the workload of this quarter and before is not at the same level at all .

Why did the public praise of this season overturn , Don't you understand ?

The original intention of the program is gone .

As a restaurant business reality show , Is it true if you don't work ?

stay plus In the version, you can see , At 10:30 p.m , Everyone has already started to eat dinner , And the dishes are almost finished .

It's true that there is no harm without contrast .

In the previous four seasons , There's no time to clean up .

Especially in the first three seasons , There are still a lot of guests in the restaurant at 10:30 !

besides , Huang Xiaoming is in plus China also said that it was true to solicit customers abroad before .

Do you feel strange after listening to this sentence ?

Can it be said that the solicitation link is fake after these two seasons in China ?

Tell the truth , Last season's solicitation really didn't tell the truth , however , This season's showmanship , It's just a joke .

The soliciting session of this issue is even more funny , The goal is not others , It's directly the staff of mango station .

How to say it again 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 It is also a labor reality show , The program team is really too lazy to pretend , It's really embarrassing .

All these contents were cut by the program group plus In the version , Have you ever wondered why ?

Because the program team is protecting peace , In giving quiet face .

This season is obviously not tired at all , Quiet but insisted that I was tired .

The audience is already very disgusted that stars are tired when they do a little work with a high salary .

If Huang Xiaoming's words are broadcast in the main film , The audience will naturally make complaints about the various tucks .

For this season's 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 Come on , No one is qualified to be tired .

Of course, one person is worthy of praise , That's Gong Jun .

Because he does the most work on the show , On the contrary, the lens is the least .

When everyone finishes their dishes and goes to the front hall to sing , Only Gong Jun is still cooking his own dishes in the kitchen .

Gong Jun's diligence is really visible .

however , His workload is slightly insufficient in the first four seasons .

There are six partners this time , Only one can be called a worker , Just flying guests .

Start with the fifth program , The Chinese restaurant moved to Guilin station , Gong Jun will be gone , Who still looks like a worker ?

Although there will be flying guests at the next stop , As expected, I should be very good at working , But I'm still a flying guest anyway !

For a reality show , Since it emphasizes work , Then the subject should be a permanent guest .

If the audience sees flying guests at each stop, they work more than resident guests , What else do you have to do ?

Besides working , When watching the program, the audience is naturally most concerned about safety .

Especially in “ Gao Yixiang incident ” after , The personal safety of artists should definitely be put in the first place .

Let's talk about this season's 《 Chinese Restaurant 》, It's absolutely impossible to be afraid of being tired by work , Because the workload is really small .

however , There are other security risks , And the program team deliberately cut plus In the version .

In the third issue plus In the version , Gong Jun and Huang Xiaoming are preparing dishes in the kitchen , Unexpectedly, the roof was suddenly collapsed by water pressure .

You can have a look , As soon as Huang Xiaoming came out of the leaking place, the roof collapsed .

This can be said to be quite dangerous , If Huang Xiaoming is unlucky , The consequences are really unimaginable .

Let's get a closer look at how big the current is .

The pots and pans on the table were washed to the ground in an instant .

It can be seen that the impact force is still quite large .

There is a lot of rain this year , Especially in southern cities , It rains heavily all the time .

It's quite normal for this to happen .

The audience can also understand , After all, this is a natural disaster , Who can escape .

But the program group's approach is really embarrassing .

First , Why cut this lens to plus In the version ?

Everybody knows ,plus The playback volume of the version is far less than that of the positive .

That means , The program group is unwilling to let more viewers see this scene , For fear of being scolded .

Tell the truth , The layout of the program group is smaller , Think narrowly of the quality of the audience .

secondly , The program group did have negligence in its work .

It rains heavily every day in southern cities. Don't the program team know ?

Say a bad word , As a northerner, I know every day when I watch hot search .

The roof of the RV restaurant is connected with canvas , So shouldn't the program team check regularly ?

Anyone who has some common sense of life knows , After the rain in the canvas shed, be sure to dispose of the accumulated water .

Can't it be said that none of the staff of the program group understands this common sense of life ?

I really just want to say , It's embarrassing !

Of course , About potential safety hazards , Some of the program groups also cut into the main film .

such as , Gong Jun's lobster was hot .

And Gong Jun wrestling .

Gong Jun's fall was really heavy !

If you want to talk about safety , Gong Jun fell and was materially hurt .

Besides, he is young , It's a little scary to fall like this .

I believe many people fell when they were young !

Well, I believe you have experienced such things , That is, I don't feel pain after I just fell .

however , After sleeping, I found , The place you hit will be very painful .

Gong Jun's fall , It really didn't hurt at that time , Young people, after all , I believe .

But did this fall really leave no internal injury , No one knows .

With Gong Jun's character , I don't think he will say even if he feels pain the next day .

Have you ever thought about a question , Why did Gong Jun's hot hand and wrestling show group cut into the main film , But the kitchen roof collapsed and cut plus What about the version ?

It's simple , The program team wants to shirk responsibility .

Whether Gong Jun is hot or wrestling , This is due to Gong Jun's personal reasons .

It can even be said that it has nothing to do with the program group , No one can say that the program team didn't notice .

But the kitchen roof collapsed , This is definitely a problem for the program team , They have unshirkable responsibility .

Because the program team is afraid of being scolded , So they had to cut the lens to plus In the version .

This season 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 Bad word of mouth , How can the program group have such an attitude ?

The theme of this program is to promote Chinese food culture , When abroad , The program team also knows to have professional chefs .

Now back home , The professional chef cancelled .

In theory , Can make local specialties , That's the ability , Let foreigners eat Chinese food , Can they know if it's authentic ?

This season, whether for customers or audience , It makes people feel a little perfunctory .

Simply speaking ,《 Chinese Restaurant 》 The smell has changed , What do you think ?

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