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Great! Great Wall Motors has expanded its overseas layout and acquired a Brazilian automobile factory

2021-08-25 12:43:42 Oriental Information automobile

If you ask what are the most successful independent automobile brands overseas in recent years ? Great Wall Motors must be among them . Following the construction of factories in Russia , After the acquisition of GM's plant in Thailand , Great Wall Motor recently increased its overseas layout in Brazil, a country in the southern hemisphere , Successfully acquired a car factory in Brazil , That is, the malapolis factory in Iraq .

lately , In Sao Paulo, Brazil , Great Wall Motors and Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes Benz, have officially signed relevant agreements on the acquisition of the malapolis factory in Iraq, Brazil . Judging from the contents of the agreement signed by both parties , Including land 、 The plant, machinery and equipment in Brazil's ilase mapolis plant will be handed over to Great Wall Motors . This transaction is a pure asset transaction , Personnel transfer is not involved .

It is reported that , The delivery of this factory will be completed before the end of this year , After the transformation, the annual production capacity of the factory will reach 100000 , Create nearly 2000 local jobs . For Brazil, which is eager to attract investment and promote economic development , Can create so many jobs , Thank you very much for Great Wall Motors .

For this acquisition , Great Wall Motors officials attach great importance to . Meng Xiangjun, the rotating president of Great Wall Motors, said , This transaction will promote the development of Great Wall Motors in the South American market and implement its strategy , Further help Great Wall Motors' global technology travel transformation .

What can be foreseen is , Great Wall Motors acquired the Brazilian factory in irase mapolis , We will introduce leading production, quality management and environmental protection in accordance with the global manufacturing standards of Great Wall Motors 、 Information management concept , Build this factory into one of the global intelligent production bases of Great Wall Motors , In order to cover the car market in Brazil and other countries in South America . By that time , When you see Haval owned by Great Wall Motors on the roads in the southern hemisphere and South America 、 Great Wall cannon 、WEY And other types of vehicles , I see how awesome Great Wall Motors is .

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