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400000 Hitti Audi A6L, driving 12409 km, the owner said several shortcomings

2021-08-25 12:43:46 Oriental Information automobile

Hello everyone ! I'm Audi A6L The owner , The model is "2021 paragraph 45 TFSI quattro Perfect dynamic ", Purchase price 40 ten thousand , It's on now 12409 km .

One 、 My car selection process

choice A6 It comes from the love of Audi , Heartfelt appreciation . At first, I was tangled 45 2WD and 4WD , I wonder if I can save tens of thousands of yuan to buy a two-wheel drive , Until I went to Guizhou once , The entrance slope of my friend's mountain is very steep , I saw the van go uphill hard on a rainy day , The taxi in front directly slid down and hit a friend's car , I made up my mind to , Must be 4WD ! Work hard outside, safety first !

Two 、 Appearance and interior feel

Different people have different opinions on appearance ,Sline Suite is an accumulation , Paste an icon is the appearance Kit ? This is unkind . However, the appearance of the whole vehicle, both front and rear, is in line with my aesthetics . Body workmanship : Very good overall, but the lines at the junction of the rear door and trunk , At first glance, there is a bit of visual illusion of being hit and dented . Maybe it's my personal reason . Wheel design :20 Inch wheels look good , It's the flat ratio , Maybe the durability is not very good . Full marks for visual effects at the same level . Durability needs to be studied ,12000km There was almost no wear down, but the right rear tire had a nail, but there was no air leak . The replacement cost in the later stage is relatively high , Usually pay more attention to yourself .

Triple screen is really my love , The interior is aimed at the triple screen . The three screens are very clear , The touch screen of the central control screen is also very smooth . The brightness of atmosphere lamp is excellent , Optional colors are at least my favorite , It may not be as colorful and gorgeous as Mercedes Benz , But the atmosphere inside the car is still in place under the illumination of the light strip . Interior material , Piano paint baking board is easy to get gray and fingerprints. I'm rough , Too lazy to take care of , If you can't see it, it's just . But the high-level feeling of piano baking paint is still good , There are also some carbon fiber and alloy materials , It feels good . Occasionally there is a little abnormal noise , I'm still very sensitive to sound , The sound is within control .

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