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You must stay away from this domestic one on the road. You can't afford to repair it. It's very powerful to accelerate

2021-08-25 12:43:54 Oriental Information automobile

Whenever independent brands launch performance cars, they will always be laughed at by many people , After all, compared with other auto industry countries, the domestic auto industry , It is really lack of technology precipitation and brand value , But with the development of domestic independent brands in recent years , Technically, we can meet the performance requirements of sports cars , The rest is the precipitation of the brand , In this year's 4 month , The future released its own super run K50, It can be regarded as fulfilling the super running dream of domestic independent brands .

Future is a brand that most people have never heard of , Indeed, as a newly established brand , The future has not had much influence so far , But it doesn't get in the way of K50 As a super running machine with good performance .

A super run that wants to face the market wants to have a foothold in the market , Then we must carry out some designs that meet the market demand in the appearance design , That's for super running , Super cool appearance must be indispensable , And the future K50 Although it can not meet the aesthetic needs of the vast majority of people , But it conveys a cool feeling at first sight , That's enough .

Despite the future K50 The starting price has reached 75 All around , But from the cost of this car , This car is still selling quite cheaply , Except for some vulnerable parts , The rest of the car body is made of carbon fiber , The cost is relatively high , Yes, of course , Once it is damaged, the maintenance cost is not cheap .

Interior design , Although this is a super running , But the interior doesn't show much sportiness , On the contrary, the sense of science and technology is more sufficient , The huge screen on the central control , And the rectangular dashboard has a simple design from the future . Of course, the design of two doors and two seats , I won't let my sister doubt whether this is a super run .

Although our impression of super running has huge displacement and strong power , But in the future K50 The obvious lack of the former , It is driven by pure electricity , It can be regarded as covering up their gap in mechanical level , But his performance is not bad at all , A four-wheel drive system with double motors is adopted , with 435 Horsepower and 680 Newton torque , But the score of breaking 100 is only 4.6 second , Still a little disappointed .

source : China Star circle

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