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2021 China's automobile product charm index: Honda and Toyota lost to Nissan, Jeep won the championship

2021-08-25 12:43:56 Oriental Information automobile

lately ,J.D. Power Released 2021 Research list of China's automobile product charm index in . The agency investigated 2020 year 6 Month to 2021 year 3 During the month , Buy traditional fuel vehicles 34572 Car owners , Total coverage 58 A car brand 、264 models . Mainly around the appearance of the new car 、 Body interior 、 Car infotainment system 、 Driving feeling 、 Vehicle performance 、 Fuel economy and safety 37 Comprehensive consideration of three aspects , Finally, the comprehensive scores are listed . Originally thought , The public 、 Toyota 、 Honda, the three best-selling joint venture car brands, and Geely 、 Changan and great wall, the best selling independent automobile brands, can be among the best . Results found , The whole result of the survey was beyond our expectation .

Let's talk about the public first . SAIC Volkswagen and FAW Volkswagen not only did not enter the top , Moreover, the score of SAIC Volkswagen is lower than the average value of the brand 731 branch . And FAW Volkswagen , The score is only 731 branch , Just passed the average score , Very low ranking . It is also a Skoda brand under Volkswagen , The comprehensive scores are all here 732 branch , In front of FAW Volkswagen .

That's it, public , Let's look at Toyota . The comprehensive scores of FAW Toyota and GAC Toyota are 741 Points and 734 branch , Although the overall performance is better than the north and South masses , But the ranking is not at the top . FAW Toyota ranks No 5 name , GAC Toyota ranked No 9 name . Judging from the sales in the first half of this year , Toyota sold more than 82 Thousands of cars , Close to the public 104 Thousands of cars . Especially GAC Toyota , An increase of 31.6%. And in terms of price , Toyota camry 、 Hanlanda's price is also very strong . thought , The charm index of Toyota brand should be at the top of the list . I didn't expect the best result to be the second 5 name .

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