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Until today, there is no such amazing car. With EA888, the interior is also very sci-fi

2021-08-25 12:44:00 Oriental Information automobile

Just like French romance , Everyone who likes cars , Must be a very maverick , Although in the current market , Law car , The share of legal brands is decreasing , But we still can't forget some amazing things brought to us by legal cars , If we choose one of them , It must be DS 5.

Although now DS Many people are already familiar with this brand , But then DS This brand wants to enter the Chinese market as a luxury brand , As the first car in the Chinese market , It's this one DS5.

Ten years ago ,SUV The model is not as hot as it is today , Various manufacturers are exploring SUV What kind of shape should the model be ,DS5 It belongs to one of the forms of exploration , Despite the failure , But when we see this car today, we will still feel a lot of amazing places .

The appearance design is still the biggest highlight of this car , From the design of this car , We are lamenting the brain circuits of the French in design , At the same time, they are also lamenting the difference in the French understanding of beauty , The new DS5 The line bar is much stronger than before , Some chrome plated materials are also added as decoration , Without a lot of beauty of the early model of that year , Many upgrades in appearance still focus on hardware , current DS5 It is also equipped with LED The light source , And a lot of auxiliary driving functions .

Design on the side , This car is more like a crossover car , There aren't many tough places in his body , But the slender body is very beautiful , Suspended roof is adopted , It gives people a sense of beauty of spaceship , On the size , This car is a minority car , Not too much emphasis on size , by 4530*1871*1520mm, The wheelbase is 2727mm, This size is for medium SUV Come on , It's already relatively small .

The interior of the French car has always been amazing , In this car is no exception , In addition to using a lot of leather decoration in the car , Create a luxurious atmosphere , The layout of the keys is also full of a sense of design , It's visually beautiful , But it will take some time to adapt .

The cash DS5 Adopted 1.8T Of EA888 engine , Yes 1.6T For engine expansion , The power has been upgraded a lot , Reached 204 Horsepower and 280 Newton torque , With Ericsson 6AT transmission , I've matured a lot in power .

source : China Star circle

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