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Super broadcast: Tesla's tricks for automatic driving

2021-08-25 12:44:01 Oriental Information automobile

[ Car home New energy ] Super broadcast , Every week . The hottest event this week must be Tesla's “AI DAY”, Develop supercomputers for autonomous driving 、 Automatic driving depends only on vision, not on radar, etc. it makes people wonder what Tesla has to do “ moth ”, Netizens also have praise and criticism on this matter . In addition, it is also assisted driving ,8 month 15 An obituary on the th once again sounded an alarm to users —— Auxiliary driving , Also hold the steering wheel .

8 month 14 Japan , A group called “ Meiyihao ” The official account of the individual is published by the obituary :2021 year 8 month 12 On the afternoon of Sunday 2 when , Founder of shangshanruoshui investment management company 、 Founder of yitongtianxia catering management company 、 Lin Wenqin, founder of meiyihao brand management company ( nickname “ Cute swordsman ”), Driving Weilai ES8 The car enables the automatic driving function (NOP Pilot status ) after , A traffic accident occurred in the Hanjiang section of Shenhai Expressway , Unfortunate death , At the age of 31 year . At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation , But this event pushed the safety of assisted driving to a climax .

First of all, we express our deep condolences to the victims of the accident , We also hope that relevant departments will investigate the cause of the accident as soon as possible , Through the timeline below , You can also simply review the whole thing :

In fact, about 8 month 12 The accident on the th , What we want to say is also very simple , On the one hand, it is for car enterprises , On the one hand, it is for users . Now a necessary publicity for many models is the ability of auxiliary driving , But now no mass-produced car on the market has reached “ Autopilot ” Ability , Are all “ Auxiliary driving ” Category , About definition , In the past two years, most car companies have not called it “ Autopilot ” 了 , Have a call “ Auxiliary driving ” Of , Have a call “ Automatic assisted driving ” Of , The same thing is “ auxiliary ” Don't lose the word .

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