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Evaluation | you all say 'shake' the novel Jun. this time I'll test it for you

2021-08-25 12:44:03 Oriental Information automobile

Time interval 7 A new generation in two years 、 when 5 Annual R & D 、 input 190 Billion …… When these key sentences are in front of you , Obviously, it means a new generation of Qijun ( Parameter picture ).

Qi jun , This car line, which is responsible for the sales volume of Dongfeng Nissan , Since entering the Chinese market , On 14 Over the years, more than 142 Recognition of ten thousand users .7 month 30 Japan , A new generation of Qijun is officially listed , Published selling price 18.19 ten thousand -26.29 Ten thousand yuan , A total of 8 models , Go on to 20 Ten thousand yuan joint venture SUV The market launched an attack .

however , This new generation seems to add some to the next market performance of xinxinjun " uncertainty ", The reason is that the new car is equipped with a standard 1.5T The engine .

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