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Test drive Rolls Royce curinan in Speedway

2021-08-25 12:44:09 Oriental Information automobile

[ Car home Original test drive ] “ fly over the walls ” It's my colleague for many years , Wear a pair of black glasses , A year 365 Days always wear the same black Tee, I've seen pictures of him when he was young , At that time, the beard was not as sparse as it is today . He likes to fiddle with the camera lens , I often get angry at the price of used cars on the screen , He said to save money to buy one 2017 Bavarian pots , Take your camera and go to the field . I asked him why he didn't look “ Stuttgart shield ” or “ The wicked gentleman of England ”, He glanced at me , Just say two words : Don't have the money . Life is like “ shunji iwai ”, Beauty and cruelty coexist , When you grow up, you must know : There are many wonderful things in the world , It has nothing to do with us .

Even if you count the breakup more than ten years ago , My mind has never been so confused as it is now . This is the most expensive mass production in the world SUV Can give you an unprecedented shock , The evaluation and experience of the product itself are meaningless , You can treat this article as a story , Think of this car as an urban legend or the summer beauty of Mount Rainier .

● unmatched SUV Curinan Black Badge( Hereinafter referred to as curinan BB edition ) Body length exceeds 5.3 rice , Width 2 Meter only , It's higher than 1.83 rice , This size is really not small , But if compared with the actual visual experience , But it looks very slim . Rolls Royce's products always give people a strong sense of oppression , Part of the reason is the huge body size , More from the design level . Kurinan doesn't have many large radians and broken lines , Its waistline 、 The muscle lines are very straight , This is a typical large car design method , The intersection of lines and surfaces is equipped with small amplitude curves , The muscle feeling came out .

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