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Xiaoke 2.0 self absorption + CVT combination, smooth and fuel-efficient is the best

2021-08-25 13:01:17 Oriental Information automobile

Everyone must hesitate when buying a car , I don't know how to choose between several cars , It was the same when I bought the car , I've seen a lot of models of the same level and price . When I bought the car, my budget didn't exceed 15 ten thousand , After some comparison , I chose qashqai 2021 paragraph 2.0L XV Prem Deluxe edition . At present, I have accumulated some personal driving experience , Next, I'd like to share with you my car collection work and my feelings about buying a car , For friends who also pay attention to this car, you can use it as a reference .

Car purchase experience ; I'm an acute person , After deciding what to do, I can't wait , I went to see Nissan Xiaoke in a hurry , Negotiate the price and pay for the car on the same day , I went in the morning and drove home at noon , Naked car 14W to ground 16W, No gifts , I always feel that the quality of the gift is very poor , Buy it yourself and rest assured .

Exterior and interior ; Nissan's exterior design can always lead the trend , Each change can meet the owner's aesthetic , The more you look, the more you like it . The interior upholstery is also OK , Door handles and centre console are made of leather , The interior design is simple and generous without cumbersome buttons , It's comfortable to watch .

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