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The new Toyota fortuner overseas real car is more rough and wild than hanlanda

2021-08-25 13:01:21 Oriental Information automobile

In the domestic market , Toyota brand seems to give us the impression of focusing on the home market , In fact, in the overseas market , Toyota brand has many models focusing on personalized positioning , among , Hardcore cross-country SUV The model has a good sales performance , Toyota Fortuner It is a representative model . The new Toyota obtained from Fortuner We can see in the real car picture , The new car is built in a very aggressive design language , We can easily see its positioning . Front part , The new car is equipped with a wide front grille , The interior is equipped with Black Medium mesh , meanwhile , Sharp headlamp groups are equipped on both sides of the front grille , It can further improve the gas field of the vehicle . Besides , The new car will be equipped with wide guards at the front surround , Highlight the wildness of the vehicle . Come to the back of the car , The new car adopts a relatively simple design , The sharp tail lamp group can give the vehicle a strong sense of fashion , Besides , The new car has a high ground clearance , It has laid a solid foundation for the off-road ability of the vehicle . interiors , The new car has a rather traditional design , The built-in central control screen will appear on the new car , Besides , The new car will be equipped with a familiar traditional bumper . motivation , The new Toyota Fortuner Provide 2.7L Gasoline and 2.8T Diesel engine optional , among BS6 2TR-FE 2.7 The L gasoline engine is the same as the old model , The maximum power is 166 horsepower , Peak torque is 245 cattle · rice , code-named 1GD-FTV Of 2.8T The maximum power of diesel engine is 204 horsepower , Peak torque is 500 cattle · rice , Transmission system , New car match 6 Speed automatic transmission , And optional four-wheel drive system .

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