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I didn't choose the BMW 325li and didn't listen to advice. My friend said I was stupid, but I said he didn't understand cars

2021-08-25 13:01:25 Oriental Information automobile

Look at the whole domestic auto market , There are countless models to choose from , How can you find the most suitable one among many models ? Frankly , It's really hard to do without understanding cars . Most people buy cars based on their first feelings , Or pick the one with high sales , Or choose the one with good reputation , What suits you is the most important . In fact, if you look carefully, you will find , Mainstream luxury brands are very popular in China , Its global sales can account for almost half of its domestic sales , It shows that the consumption capacity of Chinese people is still very strong . Because of different positioning , There will inevitably be misplaced competition , Like the new Lexus ES With BMW 3 system 、 audi A4L Same relationship , Under the same budget, we should choose BBA The luxury midsize car or the new Lexus ES Well ? After reading it, you will understand . There's a BMW 325Li No election , Don't listen to me and mention it , Friends say I'm stupid , I said he didn't understand cars .

Years of struggle , Now I have little strength , Ups and downs have experienced a lot , But I never forget my dream , That's owning a luxury car . My budget is 40 All within , There are really many models to choose from , Friends strongly recommend BMW 325Li, Say this generation of BMW 3 It is very suitable for home use , And the space is big . My wife doesn't understand cars , I only recognize the Audi logo , I think 4WD Audi A4L Cheaper , Her idea is not to buy expensive , Buy only those with big discounts . After the actual experience in the store , I have my own conclusion , This generation 3 The Department has really made great progress , But it doesn't look imposing , The size is still relatively small ; 4WD Audi A4L Despite the power advantage , But the interior design and comfort can't meet my requirements . Finally, he insisted on bringing up a new Lexus ES, That suits my age and identity , Before I picked up the car, I said a word to my wife , After buying the car, you take care of the money , She was conquered by me in an instant .

I have to say that Lexus's market position has become higher and higher in recent years , Even have the same strength as Audi , As its main model , New Lexus ES The strength of . I appreciate the comprehensiveness of this car , That is, in the face value 、 Each has his own advantages in comfort and energy saving , What's more, it's still a luxury C Levels of car . New Lexus ES It looks very atmospheric , The main reason is that its body size is relatively large , The length, width and height are respectively 4975*1866*1447mm, From the side, the streamlined feeling of the car body is very strong , The front of the car looks very long , The polygonal lines have the visual effect of stretching , Identification is very high . New Lexus ES It's a very recognizable car , The shape of its front face is a good proof , The irregular air intake grille is particularly eye-catching , There are also sharp light groups on both sides , If BMW has “ Double kidney ” Air intake grille , Audi has a four lap logo , Then the characteristic of Lexus is the huge China open , Full of momentum .

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