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Suzuki GNIS has a lovely personality and makes a classic model in small cars. Girls are the most suitable

2021-08-25 13:01:34 Oriental Information automobile

In fact, the small car market is also relatively large , But now there are not many brands that can make small cars with great care , Everyone knows BMW's mini Models are very popular , In fact, it's this route , Many girls like this design very much , And the experience of the car is also very good . suzuki ignis It's also a nice small car , But now Suzuki has left the Chinese market , But if you want to buy it, you can also buy it through import .

This Suzuki ignis The feeling is very cute and small , The car is a little personalized , It's also a little retro , In fact, it is very suitable for some friends with special hobbies , Many people rated this car as a little cute , The appearance seems round , For example, the headlight is a square design , The lines used in the front are also straight , This makes the car more chic , Some traditional cars use this design style .

It doesn't have much advantage in body size , However, the compact body can be seen in the side design , With the unique blackened wheel hub, it still shows some vitality , Try to be regular in line bar and shape design , Some people see this car and feel that it is a car above a European town , The retro European style has become the highlight of this car .

The front of the car looks more traditional , suzuki ignis The rear of the car is still very chic , There is a big square tail lamp , Few cars now have such a large area of tail lights , There is also a black decorative board below , Not very functional , But the decoration effect is good , With it, the car has a sense of hierarchy , Visually, it won't make people feel very monotonous .

In terms of interior decoration, Suzuki ignis It will impress you , I don't want to look traditional outside , The interior pays great attention to modernization and practicality , The combination of black and white interior upholstery can make the car atmosphere very good , The warm and comfortable style is really in line with everyone's preferences . The design of door panel and handle is really good . And some decorative strips have a good decorative effect , It adds a lot of fresh breath to our carriage .

In terms of power, Suzuki ignis Carrying 1.2L The engine of , And the car still uses a four cylinder engine , This is relatively rare , Can provide you 91 The power of horsepower , Of course, the weight of the car itself is relatively small , Many roads can also be easily steered , And the car is equipped with CVT transmission , Power output is also good , Looks like Suzuki ignis It's really short and capable , It's convenient to travel in the city , Parking is also easy .

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