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The popular "imported cars" are more than 30 cents a kilometer and have deep-sea sound insulation, with an annual sales of more than 114000

2021-08-25 13:01:42 Oriental Information automobile

Owning a luxury executive car is the dream of many people , But what is the definition of luxury , I believe that different people will have different opinions , Some people think that the luxury brought by the halo of the logo is a luxury car , Like a Mercedes E level 、 BMW 5 system 、 audi AL And other luxury cars are well known in the domestic auto market , This is due to their localization status , And Mercedes Benz 、 BMW 、 Audi's preconceived advantages , Created today's market popularity . And some people think that the real luxury is to bring their own luxury car experience , For example, today's imported luxury car , Compare Audi A6L they , All aspects of product performance are even better , It also has the first hedging rate at the same level and excellent sound insulation effect , It has won the favor of many consumers all over the world , According to the 2020 The sales report of imported luxury brands in shows that , It uses 114641 The sales volume of cars ranked first in the annual sales list , It can be said that a car is popular “ Imported car ”, One kilometer 3 Hirsute , Deep sea sound insulation , Annual sales exceeding 11.4 Thousands of cars .

This car is located in Lexus, a medium and large luxury imported car ES, Speaking of imported cars , Many people will think the price must be expensive , But Lexus ES The price surprised us , Entry guide price 29 ten thousand , Top allocation guide price 48.89 ten thousand , Compared with Audi at the same level A6L、 BMW 5 system 、 Mercedes E Class has obvious advantages , Even with Audi A4L、 BMW 3 system 、 Mercedes C The prices of these luxury midsize cars overlap , It is equivalent to enjoying the driving experience of medium and large cars at the price of medium-sized cars , It can be seen that the cost performance is very high , I believe this is one of the reasons why it is popular .

lexus ES The hedging rate can be the first in the same level , In addition to the high cost performance , It is also inseparable from its own good brand reputation and excellent product strength , For example, in terms of ride comfort , Its body length, width and height reach 4975*1866*1447mm, The wheelbase 2870mm, near 5 The car body of meters does not feel crowded even when all the staff are in a state , It's easy to cross your legs in the back row , And the seat also supports tilt angle 、 Lumbar support 、 Height adjustment, etc , Plus ergonomic seats wrapped in high-grade leather , And the new Lexus ES Fully upgraded vehicle quietness , In the active noise reduction system 、 Double layer sound insulation and noise reduction glass 、 Noise reduction roller 、 Under the blessing of large-area sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials , Then cooperate with the redesign and optimization of the hood , Effectively isolate engine noise , In exchange for deep-sea sound insulation in the car , To be honest , This brings a better ride experience than Audi A6L Be more comfortable .

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