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You should be cautious when buying a car. The four models recognized as the most unprofitable in China lost half in three years

2021-08-25 13:12:02 Oriental Information automobile

In today's society , Talking about buying a car is no longer a strange thing , The improvement of domestic consumption level in recent years , Buying a car has also been put on the agenda by ordinary people , And we can feel the demand of the market by running more and more cars from the road , Originally, I bought a car to reflect a higher quality of life , Now it has become a standard travel tool for going out , I have to lament the changes of the times , Thanks to the huge domestic population base , Major car companies are also racking their brains to launch many competitive models , Let the models on the market flood , And careful friends are not difficult to find , In the past two years, the models have been updated faster and faster , Many old car owners change their cars faster , And many people consider a problem , That is hedging , With the rapid change of models , I believe that few young consumers can drive 5 From the year onwards , Many people buy the first car for transition , I'm going to change the car after driving for three or five years , Therefore, value preservation is more important , But for friends who don't understand cars , I was quite puzzled when I chose the car , After all, ordinary people don't have detailed data on the hedging rate of models , They all choose to follow suit , But everyone's needs and budget for buying a car are different , And the car is never finished , Every car may have defects , If others can accept it, it doesn't necessarily mean you can accept it , Take sound insulation for example , Some people like to play music as soon as they get on the bus , So I don't care much about sound insulation and noise reduction , But for car owners who don't like listening to music and are sensitive to noise, it will be more uncomfortable , So in the preservation of value , In the current flooded car market , Those models are the least protected ? The following small series is based on the information of the second-hand market , Let me share with you , It is recognized that the most unprofitable in China 4 car , Lose half in three years See if your car is on the list .

NO.1 kia K5

The first thing to mention is Korean cars , The status of Korean cars in the eyes of Chinese people has not been too high , The main reason is that Korean cars don't have any particularly excellent hard power , In addition to the appearance, it may be as long as the price is satisfactory to many people , But there have been glorious moments , Like Kia K5 The car , Once one of the three losers , With an elegant and fashionable appearance , Deeply loved by young people , Sales also rose once , But now look at Kia K5 The sales of , horrible , Although international relations are the key reason , However, the sales data of these years are still significantly lower , And now Kia K5 The drastic price reduction also failed to recover sales , The main reason is the lack of hard power of the car , It's called a car vase , Loose chassis 、 Hard shock absorption, etc , At the same time, Korean cars have an awkward position in China in recent years , Although many of its models have been upgraded , But the Kia car line doesn't leave a good impression on consumers , such as K2、K3 And make complaints about the safety of vehicles , kia K5 As a medium car , It used to be 178000 models , But now no one cares after the big discount , The hedging rate of the second-hand market is also very low .

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