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The public is finally grounded. What sparks will they collide with when they encounter the second dimension?

2021-08-25 13:12:14 Oriental Information automobile

The public is finally grounded , Encounter the second dimension , What sparks will collide ?

In the near future , SAIC Volkswagen keeps moving , First, it was put into production in Shanghai , make MEB Pure electric vehicle production line , And then launched two pure electric SUV:ID.4 X and ID.6 X, Once listed, it has been highly praised and constantly . And the public doesn't stop here , With the release of “ Where does Pikachu Mulan go ” The news of , until 7 month 30 The 19th... Opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center China Joy We just revealed the answer .

In the China Joy The show , Public appearance BTOC Of the exhibition area N3-06 exhibition booth , It brings us a traditional and two-dimensional wall breaking journey , Pikachu 、 Hua Mulan and other images are also known as ID.4 X The elements on the car body met with the young people participating in the exhibition , Bring a “ Electrical dimension ” Visual collision . Although this is not the first time for automobile brands to carry out cross-border cooperation , But it is another innovation of SAIC Volkswagen . First set foot in China Joy, More is left to the majority of consumers to evaluate .

As a feast for national and even global quadratic lovers , From year to year China Joy During the exhibition, it will attract fans from all over the world to participate in the exhibition , The activity site was full of popularity , At this exhibition , It also gathered world-famous IP image , The public took advantage of this opportunity to make a good brand exposure and accumulate word-of-mouth , Through technology + The presentation of entertainment , Bring users who come to the exhibition a new experience .

The way of presentation is actually very simple , Using the pain car culture , In fact, this concept is to spray paint and decorate the traditional animation character image and other information on the car body , In the present words , In fact, it's like wearing a layer of animation color car clothes . And this time SAIC Volkswagen's ID.4 X Models and two familiar animes 、 E-sports image has carried out this cross dimensional cooperation —— Picchu and... Of Baoke dream KPL Magnolia in .

Pikachu is really a well-known cartoon image , Especially for 8090 The latter group of users who have become the mainstream consumer group in the market , They are all animes that accompany the green years , And Pikachu's own animation image is also with a sentence “ 100000 volts ” Win support among the people , This electrical property is similar to that of pure electricity SUV Of ID.4 X agree without prior without previous consultation .

The image of another Mulan has two meanings , The first is ID.4 X Ms. Liu Yifei, the brand spokesman of, has starred in the film Hua Mulan , Second, with the development of E-sports , More and more 90 And then even 00 Later, they all love it , Hua Mulan, known as an all-round warrior in the king's glory mobile tour, is not like ID.4 X Want to be as good as 、 There is no flaw .

We can see , With saic Volkswagen ID.4 X land China Joy, The Volkswagen Group is gradually keeping up with the trend of the times , No longer stick to form , The future is bound to bring us more surprises and products .

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