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Is the 210000 Volkswagen Passat worth it? The owner drove 7800 kilometers and has something to say

2021-08-25 13:12:16 Oriental Information automobile

Hello everyone ! I'm the owner of Passat new energy , The model is "2020 paragraph 430PHEV Hybrid Deluxe countries VI", Purchase price 21 ten thousand , It's on now 7800 km .

One 、 My car selection process

Two sets of motivation are the reasons why I like it most , It's really super economical in pure electric mode , I usually use it more , The preferential strength is also relatively large , On the green card of new energy, all kinds of taxes are exempted , Although the interior is not very good, the seats are very comfortable , This pure fuel version of Passat is the same , Extremely comfortable , Strong wrapping and moderate hardness , Sedentary but not tired .

Two 、 Appearance and interior feel

I didn't think much of this design at the beginning , Now I always feel a little old-fashioned , There is no feeling of youth and fashion , It is also said that kaipassat has the feeling of township Entrepreneurs , I almost spit out a mouthful of old blood .

The interior of Passat is the same as the appearance , Not very outstanding , The interior is very simple , Heavy color , More commercial . The seats are leather seats , Good texture , Many workmanship details in the car are also of a high standard , The decorative strip of the front center console is imitation wood grain , Tell the truth , I feel a little rustic now . Very satisfied with the soft bag wrapped around the door , More moderate . The center control trim panel is also very business style , The material and style are acceptable . The central control screen is not very big , It's a full touch screen , The operation response is very smooth , Good system . The air conditioning control panel is also a touch screen , It's a bonus .

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