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170000 HiTi ATZ, driving 400 kilometers, the owner wants to say his heart

2021-08-25 13:15:04 Oriental Information automobile

Hello everyone ! I'm the owner of ATZ , The model is "2021 paragraph 2.5L Blue Sky Sports ", Purchase price 17 ten thousand , It's on now 400 km .

One 、 My journey of choosing a car

I just wanted to buy a collar 03, Later, I test drove Lingke 03 and 01,03 The new model hasn't arrived yet ,01 Took a turn during the test drive , I feel the front of the car collapse , Got a fright , Just give up . Then on SUV No sense , The target is locked on the car . I used to drive Peugeot , I really like the driving experience of Peugeot , But I'm afraid of small problems and terrible hedge rate , Resolutely refuse to start another Peugeot . Like driving , You can't buy a car with the crowd. You don't have any personality , Think of the ATZ I drove before , I made up my mind to buy ATZ .

Two 、 Appearance and interior feel

Who else is there ? No one can play at the same price . There is a high rate of return , Diamond Blue is really beautiful , Put a coat on the car , And then shiny , Poise without losing grace , You can accompany me in suits , Can also go with sportswear , The front face is really sharp , Eagle eye headlights are very distinctive , The owner of the film said to Infiniti q50 It's like , I feel that my temperament is not lost to Infiniti . It's not inferior to Lexus , Follow es After changing the bid, it will never be better than es Bad .

Already said. , Very satisfied with the interior upholstery , Simple and generous , There's nothing fancy , Very suitable for one's spleen and stomach . The central control screen is very suitable , I don't like that big screen . The central control operation is very easy , Don't say soon , But never procrastinate . The smell of the new car is still a little strong , This really affects the grade of the car . Before buying, I heard that ATZ made a serious noise , I checked a lot on the Internet , Later it was said that 21 The payment has been settled , Just start decisively , I have bought , I hope it's not difficult to make a strange noise , Even if it does , It doesn't matter. , As long as it's not a quality problem .

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