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Nissan is sensible. It is equipped with a compressible ratio engine. The shape is cool. It's difficult not to fire

2021-08-25 13:15:08 Oriental Information automobile

Nissan keeps up with the trend of the times , Since accord 、 camry 、 After Passat's successive generations , Nissan Teana has also officially met with us , The new Nissan Teana has really improved a lot in technology , Especially in the engine , The change is very big .

The whole Nissan sounds of nature () The modelling of , There have really been some great changes . The whole front of the car is also very interesting . Super large v Type face , Create a sense of style , And it also reflects the image of the whole brand , BRIGHT SILVER CHROME decorates the entire air inlet grille , And the headlights on both sides match it , The shape is also very sharp , The recognition of the whole front is still very high .

Look at the side of the car , The low lying body creates a dynamic atmosphere , At the same time, there is a very calm temperament . From the rear of the car , The sense of hierarchy is also particularly strong , Irregular tail lights , The effect after lighting is particularly cool .

On the interior , This car presents a very strong fashion style , The whole center console is covered with a lot of high-quality materials , And the configuration is very good , The whole configuration is very high-grade . The family steering wheel design is also very good , The full LCD dashboard has a high resolution , And with the suspended central control display , The sense of technology in the whole car is also bursting .

The center console is also decorated with wood grain trim panels , Warm feeling created by beige color matching , can only be sensed , I can only mean , You can only feel it yourself , To experience that driving feeling .

In terms of motivation , This car is loaded with 2.0 Liter engine , In cooperation with CVT Stepless gearbox , besides , also 2.0T The engine of , It matches the analog eighth gear CVT Stepless gearbox , It is worth mentioning that , This engine has a compressible ratio , It's also good to join black Technology , What do you think of the new Nissan Teana car ? You can leave a message to Xiaobian , Follow Xiaobian to learn more about cars .

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