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The front face is similar to Mercedes Benz, and the domestic will build a 1.5T engine

2021-08-25 13:15:10 Oriental Information automobile

as everyone knows , The public has always been , It is recognized by consumers as a joint venture that knows Chinese people best , Its cars , still SUV models , Sales have always been good , But in Baoyan Passat () after , Its image has been somewhat affected , And its proud Tiguan (), Once considered compact SUV A benchmark model , There is no glory in the past , Is there a model as powerful as it ? Of course. , Our leading role today , Its comprehensive strength and market recognition , Better than the public , And the price performance ratio written in is also high . It is 2019 Modern Tucson , It went on the market and sold 16 Starting price of 10000 yuan , And the monthly sales once reached 2 Thousands of cars , Now the terminal is 12.19 ten thousand , The front face looks like a Mercedes Benz , Domestic will take 1.5T engine .

New Tousheng () The most significant change of the older models is the grille style of the front face , The horizontal spoke chrome plated grille with more durable design is replaced . To some extent, it alleviates the abrupt appearance of the front face of the old model .

interiors ,2020 The interior of Tucson is consistent with the current Tucson models , The console is equipped with a 10.25 Inch floating display , The internal system supports Baidu navigation 、 Baidu CarLife Mobile Internet 、 Voice control and other functions .


motivation ,2020 Tucson will continue to carry 1.6T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 177 horsepower , Peak torque 265 cattle · rice , And meet the national six emission standards , The match is 7 Fast double clutch gearbox .

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