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What is the driving experience of BYD Han EV? After driving 7100 kilometers, the owner said so

2021-08-25 13:15:15 Oriental Information automobile

From the appearance , Like a dragon on the ground , The front face of the double LED The headlight is like its eyes , one's eyes brimming with radiating vigour ... stay 4S After the store bought the car , Just make up your mind to buy Han EV 了 , Etc. 2 More than a month , Finally this year 1 At the end of the month, the car I miss so much . Years later, there are more relatives and friends , It's been a while 930km, Overall, I'm quite satisfied ! Because there is no parking space at home , Only go to the quick charging pile outside to charge , The charging pile is also close to home , It takes about seventy minutes to fill , almost 80 Yuan , Fully charged energy run 490km about , It's on now 8 It's been a month , A total of 7100 Many kilometers , Other feelings are divided into several aspects .

aesthetic , BYD Han uses “ dragon ” The shape of the is the basis of the design , The shape is still very cool , It can be said that this car turns back 100% in our fourth tier small city , When I came back from buying a car , Roadside parking, passers-by saw , Basically look back , Some fuel owners even stopped and asked me how my endurance was , I tell the truth , If I drive , The endurance is generally at 490-500km about .

The interior is red , It does look much better than Kirin Brown , This red is actually not as bright as it looks in the picture , The real car is very high-grade , And the seats are all nappa Genuine leather , Front and rear seat ventilation and heating , Plus the large central control screen , Make the inside of the whole car look more scientific and technological . In terms of configuration, I can only say , Except without electric rear tailgate , Any other configuration you can think of is !

In space , Whether the front or rear row space is large , Rear passengers , Even height 180 People who , It's more than enough to cross your legs in the back , The seat wrapping is also very good , It's very comfortable to sit , And the sound insulation is also very good , In a word, I can buy biadihan at this price EV 4WD high performance is worth it . In terms of control , Different people have different opinions on this matter , The wise see the wise , The videos of car critics are all talking about the chassis hanging with chopsticks , Specifically , I can only say that the turning radius of this car is really big , It's troublesome to turn around . Also, the top power distribution is really not covered , all-wheel-drive +494 horsepower , Except super running , No one can do it .

Sound insulation , The front row is equipped with double-layer sound insulation glass , The sound insulation effect of the whole car is very good , It's just that the tire is a performance tire , If it's on Asphalt , The tire noise is really big , Especially running at high speed , But in the city, the cement floor will be very quiet . At the end , There's one thing I'm most dissatisfied with , Is the front cover of the car not strong enough , Chinese New Year Fireworks smashed a hole in the front cover , The point is that I don't know how to fix , Will ejection destroy the original paint , For me with OCD , Don't feel too bad .

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