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215800-293900, the new Tiguan family IQ appearance double online "pet powder" was listed

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A report from the car gourd circle

As a joint venture brand city SUV Forerunner , Tiguan has always been a benchmark model in this field , After lengthening it , More popular with Chinese consumers . also , Recently, the Tiguan family has also ushered in the medium-term change .

8 month 20 Japan , Trendy smart medium SUV Benchmark new Tiguan family listed . New Tiguan L Provide 330TSI And 380TSI 4MOTION Two powertrains 、 There are six models in total , The suggested retail price is 21.58 Ten thousand yuan —28.18 Ten thousand yuan ; New Tiguan L PHEV Two models of plug-in hybrid noble version and plug-in hybrid flagship version are provided , The suggested retail price is 25.78 Ten thousand yuan and 26.88 Ten thousand yuan ;2022 Concept of payment X Bring five models , The suggested retail price is 24.19 Ten thousand yuan —29.39 Ten thousand yuan .

since 2010 Since its launch in , Tiguan has won more than 240 The favor of 10000 users , Become a domestic joint venture SUV A well deserved leader in the market . Now ,IQ Once the new Tiguan family of selfie Shuang online appeared , With young modeling design and intelligent technology configuration , It has been concerned and recognized by the industry and consumers ;8 month 3 Japan , The new Tiguan family starts pre-sale , Orders continue to rise . meanwhile , For new and old Tiguan owners “ Pet powder ” Recruitment activities are also in full swing , The Tiguan car owners who are lucky to be selected will be awarded a blockbuster in the magazine 、 Circle of friends advertising and other surprise benefits .

Beauty Online Sporty look + Suspension design

Create a high appearance inside and outside

The new Tiguan family has adopted a new sports look , From the inside to the outside, it exudes the breath of high-value sports . New Tiguan L The front face is very R-Line Sporty high gloss black lower air intake grille , Pair with eye-catching on both sides C Type I chrome-plated trim , Bring a sense of movement . Eye sucking IQ. Light whole LED Matrix headlights , Both aesthetic and intelligent , The rising headlamp looks like an eye opener , Cooperate with new Tiguan L Through light band design , The sense of technology is full and eye-catching . The tail edge is three-dimensional LED Tail light with running water steering , When the dynamic effect is lit, it is full of law and motion .

New Tiguan L The plug-in hybrid version also uses a new front face , add PHEV Exclusive logo and I A daytime running light , Show the unique identity of plug-in hybrid car .

The interior design of the new Tiguan family has also been completely new , new 12 Inch suspended central control screen with intelligent voice 、 Gap gesture 、 Touch control and other functions , Integrated with intelligent online real-time navigation 、 Vehicle settings 、 Call and other operations , a IQ With your appearance . collocation 10.3 Inch full digital LCD Meter 、 new R-Line Exclusive leather multifunction steering wheel 、 Avant garde 30 color LED Ambient light 、 Harman Caton premium sound system , It seems that you can stage a light and film audio-visual show in the car , Let the driver and passengers immerse themselves in the comfortable experience brought by the digital cockpit with the combination of aesthetics and Technology .

IQ On-line

Forward looking intelligent technology and equipment are fully armed

The new high appearance of the new Tiguan family is impressive ,IQ Naturally, it's nothing to say . It is worth mentioning that Travel Assist Full journey intelligent driving assistance system , The system chip can reach more than... Per second 2.5 Trillions of computing power , Accurate calculation of massive information in milliseconds , And can realize 0-160km/h Full speed range driving assistance is available within the speed range , and Lane Assist The lane keeping system can indicate that the vehicle is about to deviate from the lane , And actively correct the direction , Reduce the risk of crossing the line . Let car owners feel more at ease on the road .

Of the new Tiguan family IQ Online is also reflected in Front Assist Collision warning system 、PLA 3.0 Intelligent parking system 、360 Degree aerial view panoramic visual driving assistance system 、 SAIC Volkswagen smart car coupling system , Whether it's automatic parking , Or voice control , The of the new Tiguan family is reflected everywhere IQ On-line , Let drivers and passengers fully feel the convenience and safety brought by the leap of intelligent technology in daily driving .

“ Pet powder ” welfare

Send new and old Tiguan cars to the main cover

stay 8 month 3 On the occasion of the pre-sale of Rixin tuguan family , SAIC Volkswagen started the national recruitment program simultaneously 240 Favorite powder activity of new and old Tiguan car owners . among 24 Representatives of new and old car owners will receive the benefits of shooting fashion blockbusters and appearing in top magazines ,240 New and old Tiguan car owners will receive customized and refreshing services from the leading professional modeling team of fashion celebrities , And have the opportunity to send them to the circle of friends , firsthand experience IQ Beauty Double online .

Tu Guanzi 2010 Annual listing , Gain more than 240 Million consumers trust , Become a joint venture SUV The leader of , I believe that the new Tiguan family is listed , Will continue to be a leader in modeling and Technology , Establish a leading fashion intelligence system SUV Benchmarking .

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