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Hechuang z03: do you understand the happiness of "lying flat"?

2021-08-25 13:19:06 Automobile hoist ring

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A report from the car gourd circle

Due to high-pressure living conditions , Today's young people like to put “ Lie flat ” The word is on the lips . however , Everyone is “ The mouth is very Buddhist , The body works hard ”. You bet , When involution has become the norm , Young people really don't dare to slack off .

however , No matter how busy you are, you have to have a life , It's necessary to relax occasionally . Have a healthy physical and mental state , To work better .

So in the life of two points and one line every day , How to use the car as the third space , Let's relax anytime, anywhere ? The latest pure electric SUV—— Co creation Z03 A solution is given .

8 month 20 Japan , Co creation Z03 Officially open presale , And announced the scheduled policy 、 Vehicle configuration 、 Parameter information .

At present, the new car has launched a trendy version 、 Chaozhi version 、Z Chaoban total 3 models , front 2 models NEDC life 500km, The pre price range is 13-15 Ten thousand yuan ,;Z Trendy models NEDC life 600km, The pre selling price will be announced at Chengdu auto show .

in addition , Co founded with well-known E-sports clubs EDG It's a collaborative effort Z03 Special Edition , More information will also be announced at Chengdu auto show , How will the new car be combined with E-sports elements in design and function , Will be our focus .

Angry push three “ For life ” Equity , also “ Weilai style ” service

stay Z03 On the scheduled policy , He Chuang can be said to have given full sincerity , Push angrily in one breath “ Lifetime three electricity warranty ”、“ Lifelong free road rescue ”、“ Lifetime free basic traffic ( monthly 6G)” Three big “ For life ” Equity , In addition, there is also a charging pile ( Free installation )、4 Years or 15 Ten thousand kilometers vehicle warranty 、“ Exclusive many to one ” Service mode .

As a model with a price of more than 100000 , Its owner can actually enjoy following Wei Lai 、 Similar services of high-end brands such as Lincoln , I can't help but envy .

However, these are only basic interests , Co creation Z03 During the pre-sale period , Also launched “ Dading exclusive time limited rights and interests ”( From now until the listing period ), Can be obtained from “ Trendy entertainment bag ”、“ Worry free power package ”、“ Reassuring service package ” in 3 choose 1.

among ,“ Trendy entertainment bag ” Including the car machine system jointly built with the top flow country manlinglong 、 A movie watching suit that can watch movies in the car anytime, anywhere 、 Sleep suit ( Custom air cushion bed and pillow ).

“ Worry free power package ” contain 3 Annual free charging rights ( The highest 1500 degree / year ),“ Reassuring service package ” Including lifelong free basic maintenance and 4 A free power-free rescue .

As for how to choose , It still depends on your car use . If you drive a lot of miles every year , that “ Worry free power package ” Obviously the most cost-effective .

If you buy a car just to commute for a short distance , And occasional trips on weekends and holidays , Every year, 1500 It doesn't work at all , So choose “ Trendy entertainment bag ” No mistake , After all, it's great to be able to lie in the car and watch movies anytime and anywhere , And you can sleep in the car when you travel by car .

If you plan to drive for many years after you buy a car ,10 year 8 The kind of in , that “ Reassuring service package ” It's for you .

Start with high configuration ,“ Lie flat ” I'm not tired

He Chuang is a new brand jointly created by GAC and Weilai , And co creation Z03 In fact, it can be seen as AION Y Sister car , Their wheelbase is the same , All are 2750mm, Co creation Z03 The external dimensions of the are larger , Body length exceeds 4.6m, The width of the car is just 1.9m, Whereas AION Y The space performance has been good , It can be inferred that he Chuang Z03 It should not be bad in this regard .

Co creation Z03 High and low power version , They are all front single motor layout , The maximum power is 135kW and 160kW, The acceleration of 100 kilometers is 7.9 The second and 7.1 second ; life 500km The model is lithium iron phosphate battery , life 600km The model is a ternary lithium battery .

That's all the basic information , Let's talk about the difference between this car .

Turned it over and co created Z03 Configuration table for , I found the car configuration quite awesome , Is the real start, that is, high configuration .

The entry tide play version has panoramic images ( With translucent chassis )、 Electric adjustment of main driver's seat / heating / ventilation / memory 、 Bonjovi brand sound 、PM2.5 Filtration, etc. , If there is no need for intelligence , This configuration is basically enough .

The tide wisdom version of the Chinese configuration has increased 18 Inch wheels 、L2 Level auxiliary driving suit 、 Automatic headlight 、 Electric tailgate 、 Mobile phone wireless charging and other configurations .

It is worth mentioning that , Co creation Z03 The auxiliary driving system supports voice control , Including opening ACC、 Set the vehicle speed 、 Following distance 、 Lane keeping, etc , Can be done through voice interaction , It's better than the models of the same level .

And the top match Z The trendy version is 4 A model , In terms of seat function, it is more convenient “ luxury ”, Not only does the co pilot support electric regulation and heating , The rear seats can also be electrically adjusted ( backrest ) And heating , And the rear seat back can be put back to 155°, It's a treat , With business MPV There's a fight .

And if you choose “ Trendy entertainment bag ”,4 The seat version can really be realized in the car “ Lie flat ” I went to the movies , Because he Chuang Z03 Front seat support 180° To throw down , The front and rear seats are connected like two big beds , Can accommodate any big long legs that have nowhere to put . Of course 5 The seat version can also achieve similar functions , The only difference is that the rear seats can't fall back .

In addition, in the optional configuration , We can also see the panoramic sky 、 Remote parking and more driving AIDS ( Follow the car at low speed + Lane keep 、 Automatic switching between high and low beams 、 Traffic signal recognition ) etc. . Not bad for money , You can choose , Experience watching a movie in the car at night , What it's like to look up at the stars .

At the end

He Chuang is a combination of traditional automobile enterprises and new brands “ The half-blood ”, A collection of high-quality resources from both sides , For example, GAC's electric vehicle platform and three electric technologies , Weilai characteristic “ For one more ” Service mode , The only thing missing now is brand awareness .

Back to hechuang Z03 The car , It has a “ Lie flat ”、“ Secondary yuan ”、“ e-sports ” And all the elements that young people like , In order to cater to Z The needs of generations , It can be said that it's hard work . So how many young people will be moved by it ? It depends on the final official price . After all , Most young people are still busy spending money .

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