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"Who says women are not as good as men!" EULA good cat GT Mulan version pre-sale 138000

2021-08-25 13:19:11 Automobile hoist ring

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A report from the car gourd circle

In the traditional definition , Like “ The new moon passes through the golden watchman , The cold light shines on the iron clothes . The general died in a hundred battles , Ten years for a strong man .” Or something like that , Often used for men , After all, with “ violence ”、“ Family state ”、“ Iron blood ” Wait, what's on the edge , It doesn't look like a female label .

But in fact , This sentence “ The new moon passes through the golden watchman , The cold light shines on the iron clothes . The general died in a hundred battles , Ten years for a strong man .” And it does come from 《 Mulan resigned 》 In , Mulan girl who joined the army for her father , It shows the domineering images of many contemporary women with practical actions ,“ Who says women are inferior to men ?”

Since gender equality , That's in more areas , In fact, there should be no gender distinction between male and female sexual consumption , Take cars for example , In the past many years , Like a hardline SUV 、 Small steel guns and other extreme oriented models , It is often defined as “ Male exclusive ”; But later , For example, in recent years , I believe you see , More and more female consumers are beginning to appear in these models .

And as a global “ Most understand female consumers ” Car brand , Euler naturally sees this consumption trend , Adhering to “ Performance should not be defined by gender ” Ideas , Euler is a good cat GT The Mulan version was officially pre sold ,13.8 All the ( There is an optional package ) At a price close to the people , Design that does not define the gender of consumers , It will set off a huge wave in the female consumer market .

Three big hits IP

The car is not on the market , Already famous

As the first new energy performance model for women , Euler is a good cat GT Mulan version starts from its debut , It has aroused widespread concern , She is affectionately called by Miss Ku SA “ Best friend ” and “ Pure electric small steel gun ”…… so to speak , Euler's good cat with his own topic GT Mulan Edition ,“ Hot style IP” The momentum has begun to show .

And the reason is “ Hot style ” Charm source , Cool SA 、 Wildness 、 The sense of future is Euler's good cat GT Magnolia version of the three “ Hot style IP” gene .

In terms of the appearance of the new car , We can see that the shape of the whole vehicle shows the retro futuristic cat power dynamic Aesthetics , Imitation carbon fiber decorative parts are wrapped in all directions 、 The front face is exaggerated L Type tusk decoration 、 Hub cat claw contrast design , Plus exclusive GT Moving tail , Create a cute and fierce “ Felicity ” Aesthetic details , How can people not love ?

And as a machine positioned at “ app ” The models , Euler is a good cat GT The Mulan version refused to do only “ Appearance association, ”. In terms of power , its “ Wildness ” The power is not negative at all GT Name : Zero hundred acceleration is only 6.9 second , stay 0.298 Ultra low wind resistance , coordination Sport Mode of ORA-Launch+ Under the ejection start function, genes can be torn at any time , Unleash extreme wild energy , Let every little sister , Can boldly challenge the wild type .

Besides , Euler is a good cat GT Mulan version also has intelligent humanized design with great sense of future , On the lemon platform + Coffee intelligent ecological blessing , It can maximize the driving experience of ladies and sisters , Make travel more intelligent and safe , Besides elegance, it adds a cool aura .

Performance should not be defined by gender

Strength interprets contemporary “ Mulan spirit ”

For the Euler brand , The new model this time is “ A magnolia ” Naming is not a whim , It's Euler's good cat GT The high-energy chege and Mulan spirit fit the inevitable result of contemporary women's own characteristics .

We can already see at the beginning “ Independent 、 self-confidence 、 brave ” Is the core of Mulan spirit , It is also the attitude declaration of thousands of women in the new era . And Euler's good cat GT The Mulan version is based on “ performance ” Why be “ Gender ” Defined high energy attitude , Boldly respond to contemporary “ A magnolia ” about “ personality 、 Challenge 、 Dream ” Your appeal and yearning .

so to speak , The new car is based on cool sa 、 Wildness 、 The three compartments of the sense of the future , With “ A magnolia ” Name , For passionate “ Women's sports car ” With new notes . And we also see that , Euler is a good cat GT The Mulan version will also pass the brave 、 Independent 、 Confident Mulan spirit , Help women , Find yourself better , Towards a wider world , Embrace a better future .

Spoil you like a girlfriend

There are also three high-energy pre-sale interests

Pre sale event site , Yao Fei, marketing director of Euler's good cat combat unit, released a surprise pre-sale price 13.8 Ten thousand yuan , meanwhile , And brought Euler's good cat GT Magnolia edition has three pre-sale interests and two “ Equipment gain BUFF” Optional package , Like doting on your girlfriend , Continue to pamper every contemporary “ A magnolia ”.

stay BUFF aspect , Euler is a good cat GT The Mulan version has two “ Equipment gain BUFF” Optional package , among ORA-Cabin Comfortable cabin gain BUFF Covers fatigue driving monitoring 、 Kick induction power tailgate 、ORA Smart-café Voiceprint recognition interaction 、 Based on identity ID Personalization and other functions , It can also turn on ORA-Enjoyment Comfort mode 、 Driver's seat memory + Welcome guests + heating + ventilation + Massage and other settings upgrade the user experience ; And the other ORA-Pilot 3.0 Intelligent driving gain BUFF Then carry ORA-Pilot Driving Patacara 、ORA-Pilot Safety Full time intelligent care 、ORA-Pilot Parking Letin .

In particular, it is worth mentioning , Both packages can be selected at the same time , Double the surprise .

The three good pre-sale gifts include :“ Meow sweetness ”, The original intelligent charging pile and the maximum of each charging pile can be presented as a gift 4500 The amount of financial interest discount of RMB ;“ Meow peace of mind ”, It will provide the first individual car owner with a lifetime warranty for the battery , And basic traffic is free for life + Entertainment service traffic 1 Free year , as well as 24h No electricity, free road rescue and other reassuring Services ; Third “ Meow intimate gift ” You can provide free door-to-door service , Make the after-sales experience more elegant and calm .

At the end

Of course , This time 13.8 Ten thousand yuan is only the pre-sale price , According to the consistent routine of Great Wall Motors , The actual listing price will be cheaper .

therefore , Soon to be in 8 month 29 The Chengdu auto show, which opened on the th, is even more worth looking forward to , Because the new car will be officially launched on the opening day of the auto show , And with its unique high-energy advantage, countless Euler good cats GT Mulan Edition , I believe it will be cool 、 Wildness 、 Future posture , Set off a new trend of female travel !

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