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A domestic car that can be benchmarked with Buick GL8 is preferred for business purposes

2021-08-25 13:22:56 Oriental Information automobile

In spite of the present SUV Models are very popular in the whole auto market , And now there are many good 7 seat SUV, But want to replace MPV The status of commercial vehicle is still unlikely , But independent brands MPV It is still possible to replace some independent brands . Today's domestic MPV But have the strength to challenge Buick GL8 Trumpchi GM8

Until today, , Buick's GL8 Is still in 30 A model with an unshakable status of about 10000 , But trumpchi GM8 Appearance , Although sales did not catch up with Buick GL8, But many people are choosing Buick GL8, At least think about it , The kei GM8, For this car , That's enough .

As a 20 All around the MPV, The kei GM8 Position yourself very clearly , Since I can't compete with you in quality and reputation , Then I'll make some concessions on the price , For those who want to buy GL8, But for people with insufficient budgets , This is a good choice .

The kei GM8 In appearance, it is suitable for home , At the same time, it is suitable for family use , In business use , Appear stable enough , But as a family car , This car won't be too serious , And in size , This car has reached 5066*1923*1822mm, The wheelbase is 3000mm. The size of this body is large enough to have spacious interior space .

In the design of the car , There's nothing radical about this car , But it also looks elegant enough , And there is enough atmosphere in the expression of the sense of science and Technology , And in the second row of car seats , The design of a row of independent seats is adopted, and the seats are wide and comfortable enough , And did well in the seats in the third row , Enough to meet the normal ride .

Adopted 2.0T Power plus 6AT The transmission , It also shows that the car is sincere enough , In terms of security configuration , Include ESP 9.1 And Bosch's anti sideslip system , There is no problem meeting business purposes .

source : China Star circle

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