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What are you looking at? Imported standard shaft, 8at with full-time 4WD, high-speed and accurate bending

2021-08-25 13:23:00 Oriental Information automobile

Imported Jaguar really has very good quality , With its unique charm and level , Jaguar is really attractive to some extent , And the driving experience is even better , But because of the conservative character of the British , In addition, Jaguar limited its own production scale and R & D strength at that time , The response to some new demands in China's new market is relatively slow , Failed to adjust the response in time , So it just launched a series of high-end luxury cars that are very popular in Europe and America directly in China , Obviously, this approach can not cause much response in China , Inaccurate market positioning , High price , In addition, I didn't grasp the aesthetics of Chinese riders in time , Launch new models to cater to the Chinese market , Therefore, Jaguar has just entered the Chinese market and is not going well , The quantity sold is also very small , Once wanted to quit .

After years of exploration and painful persistence in the Chinese market , After paying a lot of tuition fees, I finally found my own position , Find out the corresponding consumer groups , Luxury sports cars that are hot in Europe and America XE Based on the series, the simplified design for the Chinese market is carried out , At the same time, under the condition of ensuring the basic quality , Reduce a lot of relatively high-end design and configuration , At the same time, soften some overly tough details , Then at a civilian price of about 450000 , Take the mid-range comfortable family luxury car as the main selling point , Once again to the Chinese market , This finally opened the situation , Caused a big sale . Many years of persistence and efforts have finally paid off , What else are you looking at ? Inlet standard shaft ,8AT Equipped with full-time four-wheel drive , High speed precise turning , only 44 All the .

Entry level Jaguar XER-Sport As a hot item, sports has always been very popular , Its all aluminum frame body, which is particularly proud of, keeps itself the same strength as vehicles of the same level , But it can be much lighter in weight , The lighter body makes the starting speed faster , And in terms of comfort, it is no worse than Mercedes Benz's equivalent or even higher-grade steel frame luxury car . Based on the atmospheric front face design commonly used in European models , In order to meet Chinese aesthetics, the area of heat spreading net on the front has been specially reduced , More elegant and exquisite , People who don't know this car can see at a glance that its grade can't be underestimated , And its interior is mainly simple and atmospheric, and has a very personalized design , With high-end leather seats , It makes people feel the urge to sit in at a glance .

And its 8AT And full-time 4WD and standard shaft adjustment , The overall handling has been greatly improved , High speed can be said to be accurate turning , It's really a strong model .

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