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Legal cars finally couldn't bear it. The new car dropped 20000 when it went on the market and competed with Carola head-on

2021-08-25 13:23:08 Oriental Information automobile

The romantic feelings of the French car once made the Chinese people unable to resist , Therefore, it is very popular in China , But now people are mainly young consumers , The aesthetic style has also changed , This has led to a rapid decline in the sales of French cars in recent years , This is mainly related to the marketing strategy of car enterprises , But now I finally bow my head , Adopted the way of price reduction , Especially Citroen C4L, As soon as the new car went on the market, it dropped by 20000 , Plus discount , Become a cost-effective car .

The appearance of the car still looks very strong , The family design is very attractive , It also brings a good sense of fashion , The grille on the front face is also a classic herringbone logo , It looks perfect , The decoration of chrome plated strip also reflects the advanced level of the car , Cleverly connected with two headlights . The lower side has a through design , On both sides of the air inlet are C Type silver trim , Make the whole more in line with people's Aesthetics .

The three-dimensional feeling of the car body is very strong , Especially the classic waistline , The raised lines are full of power , The petal rim is also very beautiful , With the popular sliding back roof , Make the overall sense of motion to the extreme . The tail design is also very nice , Through taillights are in line with the current trend , The shape of the duckling tail is also very dynamic .

The size of the car fully conforms to the compact level , Respectively reached 4675*1780*1500mm, The wheelbase is 2710mm, Although not very good in space , But it's totally enough . Some changes have been made in the car , Make the whole more clear , All functions are easy to identify , It's easy to operate , The size of the central control screen has also been increased , The sense of technology is stronger .

Power is used 1.2T and 1.6T Two engines , The matches are 5MT、6 A gearbox with a self-contained gear block , The maximum power is 136 and 167 horsepower , The maximum torque is 230 and 245 Cattle meters , Although not very strong , But it doesn't lose the same level of models , Of course, this car also has some shortcomings , But on the whole, it's an excellent model , The price of 100000 is also very kind , Do you think? ?

source : China Star circle

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