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What are the biggest advantages of pure electric vehicles? I finally understand that there is no need to open a room at the critical moment

2021-08-25 13:23:18 Oriental Information automobile

For a long time, there has been a constant debate over the merits of new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles ! If you had to ask me before , Compared with fuel cars , What are the advantages of pure electric vehicles ? Then I will definitely support from the policy 、 Use cost 、 Driving experience and convenience, etc , But this time , I finally get it , Those are nothing , The biggest advantage of electric vehicles is that they don't have to open a house at the critical moment ! Why would I say that ? That's because I found a new way to play electric cars —— Camping out . Maybe many friends will Shh , What a new way to play ? But to be honest , It's really a new game for Koki , Because before that, Koki really didn't find this convenience .

What is the key to outdoor camping ? Besides eating and drinking , It's about to count the power supply . It was a long time ago , BYD is promoting the reverse charging function of electric vehicles , It can not only supply power to household appliances , It can also charge other electric cars . Toyota velanda high performance version ,220V Interface support for 1500W Output power , Xiao peng P5 Of V2L The function also supports 220V Power output . Xiao peng P5 It also makes the electric vehicle a private space , Not only sleep mode, but also Cinema mode .

Change it into a fuel car , I'm afraid I can't , At least the power problem can't be solved , You can't always burn oil and power at idle speed , Not to mention fuel consumption 、 Carbon deposition problem , The power supply of high-power appliances is a problem , If you turn on the air conditioner at idle speed, your life may be in danger . There is no such problem with electric vehicles , For example, the most typical —— You can turn on the air conditioner in the car , Don't worry about poisoning . The air conditioning pumps of electric vehicles are basically electrically driven , When the air conditioner is turned on, the motor does not need to be started , It's very convenient .

Some friends may ask , The electric car turns on the air conditioner all night , Can you move the next day ? How long a night ?12 Hours ? That can definitely ! The refrigeration power of air conditioning compressor in automobile is usually 1KW to 4KW. We take Tesla Model 3( The refrigeration power of the compressor is 1KW to 1.5KW) For example , Battery capacity of long endurance version 75KWh, Standard battery capacity 50KWh, Even if the standard version is turned on and the air conditioner is turned on , In theory, we can also adhere to 33 to 50 Hours , One night is more than enough .

As for air conditioning heating , Because pure electric vehicles have no heat source , Completely dependent on electric drive , Usually, the power is relatively large , such as Wei to ES8 The pre - PTC The heating power has reached 5.5KW, The rear also has 3.7KW, The battery capacity is 70KWh Wei Lai of ES8 In theory, we can only adhere to 7.5 Hours , But then again , Who will camp outdoors in the winter ?

Bring an inflatable mattress 、 Pillow 、 Blanket , Make an appointment with a loved one to go camping , Experience the fun of camping , Let the depression of life be released , Picnic barbecue 、 Outdoor beauty 、 The night sky , Isn't it better than opening a room ? Friends who want to know more about car use , Pay attention to me ( Mu Muyang ), I will share with you a piece of car dry goods every day , Help you stay away from car trouble .

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