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It is "pin crown" again. It has 8at, 4WD and dual 12.3-inch large screen, which is more luxurious than q5l

2021-08-25 13:23:58 Oriental Information automobile

The position of cars in people's life is self-evident , With the improvement of people's living standards , More and more people begin to turn their attention to luxury brand models , You can get a comfortable experience , There's face when you go out , Definitely kill two birds with one stone . For luxury cars , Everyone has his own opinion , Some people think Mercedes Benz is atmospheric , Some people appreciate Audi and BMW , Generally speaking, it is the German Department BBA It's the absolute mainstream . In medium SUV market , Mercedes GLC、 audi Q5L And BMW X3 Can easily sell more than ten thousand a month , Today, X3 Ushered in its medium modified model , The competitiveness is further improved . I have to say that BMW doesn't keep a low profile , luxury 、 What technology wants , wide 1891mm+ all-wheel-drive , Pin crown again .

New BMW X3 In terms of power, it is consistent with the old models , Just cancelled 28i models , At present, only 25i and 30i models , All standard 2.0T In line 4 Cylinder turbocharged engine , Also conduct high and low power adjustment , Maximum engine horsepower 252Ps, The maximum torque can reach 350N.m, Strong power is also the guarantee of control , What BMW is most proud of is the sense of control . BMW X3 Matches ZF's 8AT transmission , Shift speed and power transmission are very fast , There is no vacancy on the steering wheel , Although it's double hanging , But the front McPherson independent suspension , Obviously, there is no multi link and double wishbone design . New BMW X3 Timely 4WD driving mode is adopted , Relatively speaking, the fuel consumption level has also improved , Low power 25i The comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km of the model is 8.4L, The actual driving process basically comes to 10 about .

As a medium modified model , BMW X3 No bold design , Just made adjustments in detail , However, it still has a great impact on the overall style of this car . Its front air grille is larger , The sports model is a completely blackened design , The daytime running lights in front have changed significantly , From the spoon headlight to the now semi-circular outline . As a sports luxury brand , BMW X3 The most proud thing is M Sports package , The new X3 The shape of the lower surround is very eye-catching , The large-size lower grille and guide groove have great visual impact . meanwhile , The dimensions of the new models have also been increased , Its length, width and height are respectively 4737*1891*1689mm, Longer than the old model 20mm, It's also progress . From the side , BMW X3 The streamlined feeling of the car body is still as strong as ever , fender 、 The blackened wheel hub and white paint are the finishing touches , BMW is not keeping a low profile this time .

Before BMW X3 The interior of the is to 5 Line up , The new model adopts a new set of design , It gives a new feeling . The new X3 The screen size has increased ,12.3 Inch Touch screen with full LCD dashboard , The visual effect is more prominent , At the bottom of the screen are and new 3 The same design , Including air conditioning outlet and electronic gear lever . Its interior material is plastic 、 Leather and metal , Standard atmosphere lamp 、 Multifunction steering wheel and Pm2.5 Filter unit , And you can also choose HUD Head up display function , You know, BMW's head up display is an industry-leading level . In fact, compared with 3 The department and the 5 system , BMW X3 The comfort performance is still slightly inferior , But the seats of the new models are very soft ,2864mm The wheelbase can ensure sufficient internal riding space , On spatial expression or SUV Have more advantages .

Although not a replacement product , But this time China changed BMW X3 Still very sincere , Great progress has been made in appearance and interior design . New BMW X3 The appearance is younger and sportier , The headlights and lower surround have changed , The rear tail lamp similar to the ring is also a highlight , They say Audi is a lamp factory , Now it seems that BMW is no inferior . Of course , The most obvious change is the interior design , Basically, it follows a new set of BMW design language , Low key reveals luxury . New BMW X3 The official guide price is 39.28—47.58 ten thousand , From the perspective of positioning, it is really reasonable , It comes back again “ Pin crown ”, Yes 8AT、 all-wheel-drive , Match double 12.3 Inch screen , Than Q5L luxury .

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