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Another luxury car fell down. It was once a man's dream car. Now no one wants it

2021-08-25 13:24:01 Oriental Information automobile

In today's car market , They say Mercedes Benz , BMW and Audi are the most mainstream car brands , But a few years ago , Land Rover is more popular with consumers in China than Mercedes Benz , BMW and audi , stay 2015 In , Although the price of Land Rover Aurora has reached 57 ten thousand , But it still can't stop the enthusiasm of many car lovers , Even known as the dream car of young people , Unfortunately, the good scenery is not very long , Now it seems , The new Land Rover Aurora made in China has fallen to the lowest price 30 All the , But few people appreciate it , Just in the past 4 In the month , Land Rover Aurora still only sold 804 car ,3 Month is only sold 247 car , It's sad , No wonder someone said , Another luxury car fell down , that , What kind of car is Land Rover Aurora ? from 57 Wanyi 30 ten thousand , Another luxury car fell down , Once a man's dream car , No one wants it now

As a medium-sized luxury SUV, When I first saw the Land Rover Aurora , Have to say , The visual sense emitted by the whole vehicle is really beautiful , The aura is also sufficient , The front face continues Land Rover's iconic mesh grille while , And sharp on both sides , Long and narrow laser LED The headlights are also perfectly matched , To create the kind of visual sense , The visual impact is really strong , And from the side , The Land Rover Aurora gives people the same feeling, full of hardliners , The suspended roof and a fine roof , After the outline of the rising waist line , What's more, let your due luxury temperament add points , On temperament , It can be said that Audi won't lose at all Q5L, Mercedes GLC.

The whole vehicle weight of Land Rover Aurora has also reached close to 2 tons , The body length, width and height are respectively 4371*1904*1649mm, The wheelbase 2681mm, by comparison , Obviously, the interior size and space will still make people feel more compact , If it can be extended to 4 rice 7, That would be perfect .

Look steady , Hardline appearance , Land Rover Aurora has changed its model , The visual sense presented by the new interior layout will also completely brighten people's eyes , The working materials in the car can also make people feel particularly exquisite , And after more ergonomic adjustment on the sofa seat , Just sit in the back , The ride in the whole car will also make people feel very comfortable , The configuration is much richer than that of the previous generation .

As a medium-sized luxury SUV, Land Rover Aurora also shows great strength in the power system , There is a set of 2.0T Turbocharged engine +48V At the same time, the light hybrid power system composed of motor , And have a starting point 249 Horsepower output and maximum 365Nm Peak torque , The matching transmission system is a set of 9AT transmission , The whole system is equipped with timely 4WD system and rear axle limited slip differential lock as standard , Open up , The whole vehicle can not only reflect very abundant power performance , The driving quality of the whole vehicle , The ability to get rid of difficulties has also reached a better level of vehicles at the same level , The fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is as low as 7.1L.

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