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No car is more valuable than it. It is spacious and comfortable. It is the benchmark of medium-sized SUV

2021-08-25 13:24:05 Oriental Information automobile

In the world SUV Are generally hot , Whether it's a luxury brand or a general cheap car brand , Have increased a lot SUV models , among 7 seat SUV Undoubtedly, it has been very popular in the past two years SUV models , But no matter which brand , They're launching 7 Seat medium SUV When , The object to be compared must be hanlanda to see today .

Many people know that Toyota's off-road vehicles have strong quality and value preservation , In particular, Prado and cooluze have a high reputation in the off-road vehicle industry , But in the city SUV, Even at home SUV in , Hanlanda is definitely the benchmark of this level , Even with small changes every year , All of them are ahead of others of the same level in sales SUV models , And hanlanda also has an ultra-high hedging rate . Undoubtedly, it has proved the strength of hanlanda through the market .

The reason why hanlanda can achieve such a hot sale , First, there is a real need for such a product in the market , For now , The whole market for a standard 7 Seat medium SUV There is still a relatively large demand gap , Hanlanda's accumulated reputation over the years makes many consumers choose , The first choice is this car .

For Chinese cars that pay so much attention to reputation and quality , A good-looking car doesn't necessarily sell well , But a car with a high sales volume must have a past appearance , From the introduction of the first generation of hanlanda in China , The appearance design of hanlanda embodies the majestic atmosphere , This is so in line with the taste of today's Chinese market , Even in this generation , Although the design should be more resolute than before , But you can still feel the sense of atmosphere .

It has always been hanlanda's advantage in size , But now this advantage is not very obvious , with 4890*1925*1715mm Body dimensions and 2790mm Wheelbase performance , At present, it has been surpassed by many models at the same level , But the size of the excess is not very large , In fact, for a medium-sized SUV Come on , Even if it is 7 seat SUV Come on , This size is big enough , It's a little sacrificing driving sense when you're older .

If you are used to the interior design of domestic cars , You may not feel much luxury in the interior design of this Highlander , Even the high configuration version of hanlanda , It's hard for you to feel too much luxury , However, the interior design undoubtedly does not reflect comfort and use , For this size SUV Come on , How to drive comfortably is more important . The cash Highlander has been replaced with a brand new 2.0T engine , In Toyota's car line, there are not many models with turbocharging , And hanlanda is a , Previously used by hanlanda 2.5L The engine has very good smoothness , But the power can only be said to be barely enough , Now the 2.0T Hanlanda is undoubtedly more motivated , with 220 Horsepower and 350 Torque performance of NM , And the performance in fuel consumption is also excellent , Even you wonder if this is a 7 Of the seat SUV.

source : China Star circle

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