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The sales volume of the joint venture car that killed itself, 1.6T + 6at, is so low that it is uncomfortable than stopping production

2021-08-25 13:24:09 Oriental Information automobile

in recent years , Legal cars have been in a tepid state in the market , In order to make a breakthrough in this market , The French car has carefully created this compact SUV Peugeot 3008, I thought this car could be popular again , Unexpectedly, the sales volume is ugly , In last year's 2 Only sell... In the month 32 car , This is mainly because the car is not very kind , Although the configuration of the new model is reduced , But the price has not decreased , At the same time, there are still many problems in the car , But its design style is very unique , If you are kind in configuration , Maybe it won't be the current situation .

From the appearance of the car , Peugeot 3008 It does have its own unique design , The grid design is very atmospheric , The intermittent chrome strip looks very exquisite , The overall sense of fashion is also very strong , With a sharp headlight set , The interior of the lamp is also designed to be eye-catching , Especially around LED Day light , Walking on the street, don't mention how handsome .

The inclined lines on the side give people a feeling of rushing forward , It fully reflects the powerful strength of this car , Chrome plated strips are added under the windows and doors , Create a strong sense of sophistication , And the sliding roof has a strong dynamic , This design attracts a lot of people .

The dimensions of the car are 4435*1840*1652mm, The wheelbase is 2613mm, In terms of data , Not very good , So the space is just enough , But the design in the car is absolutely eye-catching , The whole building is like entering the aircraft cabin , Such a design can't be seen in cars of the same class , The overall design of the central control is biased towards the driver's position , All the functions are also very practical , There's another set ADAS Intelligent driving system , The function equipped inside is very powerful .

The power is 1.6T and 2.0T Two engines , Meet the needs of different groups , Equipped with 5MT and 6 A gearbox with a self-contained gear block , Although not very strong , But it can also be regarded as the middle class level in the same level , Although this car conforms to its positioning in all aspects , But the cost performance is not very high , After all, the subtraction method is obvious .

source : China Star circle

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