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The central control screen is so big that it can be used as a TV. The byteng car definitely comes through

2021-08-25 13:28:16 Oriental Information automobile

With the popularization of informatization , The car's central control screen is also getting bigger and bigger , In order to display more information , Before, someone joked that , Will you put a TV screen directly in the car in the future , As a result, this prediction was really realized by byteng , In the latest release of byteng BYTON Concept On , Really will be a piece of 1.2 Meters long 49 The inch central control screen is placed in the car .

According to Baiteng's designers , The future car interior will change with more and more home atmosphere , So it's not surprising to install a TV in this car , This is called “ Fully shared screen ” The design is basically the whole of the interior of the car , Completely replace the traditional instrument panel and center console .

On this Baiteng BYTON Concept In the car , You basically can't find an entity key , Except that information can be displayed intuitively on this huge screen , The car is also equipped with multiple cameras , Support eye tracking technology , You don't need to do anything when you drive , By turning your eyes, you can see the information you want to know .

And in some places that must be done by touch , This Baiteng BYTON Concept It also provides a solution , Is to focus most of the physical keys on the steering wheel , If you are familiar with the car, you will not be unfamiliar with this steering wheel , In addition to the numerous buttons on the steering wheel , There is also a touch screen in the middle , To complete some necessary operations in the car , So you don't need to move your body while driving , Thus, the safety during driving is improved .

On the co pilot , The biggest function of this screen is entertainment , You can watch the film directly , So it won't be too boring , Of course, for the passengers in the back , This car is also taken care of , Equipped with two LCD screens with cameras , It also has good entertainment . And as a computer in 2020 A model that will not be mass produced until , This car will support... In the future 5G, So as to achieve more functional performance .

Now some high-end pure electric models in China , In terms of price 30 All around , And according to Baiteng's official statement , In the future, this Baiteng BYTON Concept The price will also be in 30 All within , This is also 30 About 10000 medium-sized SUV, Baiteng has more sense of technology in the interior , More selling points .

But that doesn't mean the car has only one amazing interior design , The same is true in appearance design , Have a strong sense of the future , But as a unit, the price reached 30 Million medium SUV It still has a certain sense of upscale , There are also many high-tech AIDS in appearance , Including various probes and radars on the whole vehicle , And in this car B On the column , And three cameras , You can open the door directly through face recognition .

And in size , This car has also reached a medium-sized SUV Standards for , Even the size is more than the average medium-sized SUV The model has reached 4850*1960*1650mm, The wheelbase is 2945mm, It can bring an extremely spacious space experience .

On the power , This car has two power versions , One is 71kwh Yes 400KM Long life rear drive models , Besides, there are 95KWH with 520 Four wheel drive version with km range , And support 30 Minutes to complete 80% Fast charging

source : China Star circle

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